Aston Martin Crisis: Vettel replacing Hamilton might be his only hope

During the 2021 Formula 1 season, Sebastian Vettel completed his first season with Aston Martin Racing F1 and although the German was unable to fight for the top spots, Ralf Schumacher would still see him as a possible successor to Lewis Hamilton at Mercedes – With news recently broken by this website that the team is in crisis, perhaps Vettel ought to put his name forward to Mercedes.

At 34, Sebastian Vettel seems to be far from his best years in Formula 1 . Four-time world champion with Red Bull Racing between 2010 and 2013 with a disappointing last season in 2014, and apart from periods with Ferrari, the German hasn’t fought for first place too often, especially since his arrival at Aston Martin in 2021. Last season, Sebastian Vettel indeed ended the year 12th place overall.


Former Formula 1 driver Hans-Joachim Stuck of Germany shared his disappointment with compatriot Sebastian Vettel ‘s season saying:

“Sebastian Vettel has had some highlights in the Aston Martin this season, but otherwise I have to say that I am personally a bit disappointed.

“There wasn’t much to say about him. Sportingly, he can continue without a doubt. There are always fluctuations with Vettel, but it also depends on his team. From Aston Martin’s perspective, however, the season has gone well overall. It whets the appetite for the future. ”



Aston Martin, a team in crisis and unlikely to make testing

But a source within the Aston Martin team confirmed to this website early last week that all is not well with the former Force India / Racing Point squad as reported here.

Further, it has been said by our source that it is highly likely the Aston Martin Racing team will fail to make the first winter test, and if they do make it ok “everyone will be so surprised you’ll hear the cheer from outer space….”


Allegedly, the environment in Aston Martin is at an all time low with “99.9% of the staff are unhappy, 50% think “bring back VJ”. ” according to our source.

Indeed, the former team was well known for ‘punching above their weight’ and the information from within the team confirms this saying:

“We probably have 200+ more staff now than the VJ era and doing worse than then.
The mass feeling is that we were a plucky family team pulling way above our weight and since changing to AMR we are a business or a mass advertisement for the AM brand…”

In fact, a reader made a comment on our first story hinting at this devastating news claiming that:

“Friends working there say their performance department is a real mess…they’ve lost about 10 people in a year, including two key bosses. One hot mess….”

For more details on what we have been told, follow this link here.


For Vettel, this must be very disappointing news. The former Ferrari and Red Bull Racing ace is renowned for being very proactive within the team factory environment, so it would be unlikely that the German would not be aware of the deepening crisis within the team. Certainly, if an offer came from Mercedes, however unlikely it would be, he would likely jump at the chance.

But for Ralf Schumacher, it might not be that unlikely and would still see him as a possible successor to Lewis Hamilton at Mercedes saying:

“If he had the opportunity to come to the team, he would come 100% because he would have better chances in the race. That’s what he wants. He wants to win races. But Hamilton is not gone yet and Toto Wolff has other talent at his disposal,” he told Sky Sports.

TJ13 wishes the very best to the Aston Martin team, and certainly hopes they do make the test OK, despite the numerous ‘whistleblowers’ contacting this website.








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  1. Stroll built his fortune on brands… He has not sunk 200m plus to become a new Frank Williams type, with him it’s all about branding sell more cars … He hired Vettel as 4 X world champion but Vettel is sadly past his best… Stroll must be a nightmare to work for… Ever see how his son reacts when they’re together.. Like a scared rabbit…

  2. I don’t know who your sources are or what the truth is, but I hope that AM shows up at the Barcelona testing and when that happens, TJ13 needs to publish an article apologising for slandering AMF1’s name and peddling unsubstantiated rubbish from “sources”.

  3. Dear “reporter” seek mental health help immediately .. it’s hard to believe it’s legal to spew crap like this but u are media. Stop listening to your invisiable friends.

  4. So now we’re post Bahrain, yes the team got their shit together (just) and got a car running ok. But it’s overweight by some margin and produces little downforce. The team are in total dissaray and Stroll Senior now sits in on meetings making decisions he has no clue about. Sorry guys, I wish the team well but these rumours are not conjured from thin air!

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