Surprise new boss at Ferrari

In the Italian media a rumour that Ferrari might well see a new senior man arrive from an unexpected place… no less than former Ferrari boss and outgoing FIA president Jean Todt.

Italian blog drew the attention of TJ13 to this story, who in turn are reporting on the paper print story published today in Italy from Corriere newspaper. A direct translation of the blog is below, with a translation of the newspaper artice afterwards.



The Corsera bomb: Todt is returning to Ferrari

On 17 December, Jean Todt will leave the Fia, completing his second term as president. According to what the Corsera writes with Giorgio Terruzzi, always well informed, he could return to Ferrari as a consultant, perhaps as honorary president, a Niki Lauda-like role.

There has been talk of Todt’s return to Ferrari for a year. He has always denied it, but the role he is discussing with Elkann, which is less demanding than that of CEO or president, could really attract him. But beware, Todt is not content. He may want to become a shareholder in Ferrari.

And with his son Nicolás, the successful manager of Leclerc and other young drivers, he could create a dangerous axis. We shall see. But the bomb dropped by the Corsera will make noise in the Abu Dhabi paddock.




Jean Todt could return to Ferrari in 2022. His mandate as president of the FIA expires on Dec 17, he expressed an unexpected idea to Elkann: to return to Ferrari. The two have talked about it several times in recent months after a first contact at Le Mans this August.

The hypothesis is that Jean Todt plays the role of super-consultant able to increase the political-sporting weight, lightening the commitment of the president & supporting in this sense also Binotto, with whom he maintained an excellent relationship.

In short, the idea of returning to Ferrari is understandable and even plausible. We will see if it will be a mutual convenience, also because the name Todt is heavy [past of Ferrari / present FIA].



5 responses to “Surprise new boss at Ferrari

  1. Politically, Ferrari already has given away the farm when it comes to cost-caps, testing and their special bonus. Having a veto you never use isn’t much of a threat. Todt’s success at Ferrari was because Montezemolo firewalled the team and Philip Morris paid for everything and those days and Ferrari’s management structure are long gone. The people jumping up and down for this are the ones who think Mick Schumacher and Todt will re-create the mid 90′ to mid 2000’s. it won’t. Schumacher is nothing but hype based on his father’s name and Todt allowed F1 to be turned into the gongshow it is today.

    • Your post is absolutely rubbish and I think you need to get your facts Wright! Further more I think you are just jelious and scared that something amazing might happen and you clearly need to get a life!! No one can predict the future but with the names Todt and Schumacher plus Ferrari it is sure to be great and you are sure to be wrong!!

  2. I really do hope Todt returns to Ferrari as I believe they could do with his know how but also to support Mick Schumacher when he eventually follows in his father’s foot steps, after all Todt and Michael where best pals and still are! Keep fighting Michael, love from your biggest fan Adam Roe..😜

    • Sorry Adam, Mick will never drive for Ferrari, he just isn’t good enough.

      You may be MSC’s biggest fan, but I’ve been a Ferrari fan all my life. Michael was hired by Ferrari because he was the worlds best driver.

      Mick doesn’t even rank in the top 10 of this current crop. Please don’t get carried away thinking Ferrari need him, they don’t. And would his Dad have asked his mother to have a word with the Benetton team to get a seat that fitted??!

      Mick Schumacher is a rose tinted glimpse into the tabloid media

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