Mercedes Screw Up Big, paddock insider reveals…

Honda are “surprised” at the number of extra F1 engines Mercedes have required for their drivers. Lewis Hamilton is taking a 5 grid place penalty this weekend due to Mercedes believing their allocation of 3 power units is not reliable to complete the Formula 1 season.

Sir Lewis Hamilton is repeatedly quoted as saying “we win as a team and we lose as a team”, well tonight the Mercedes engineers are in the spotlight.

Having taken a new engine, Lewis dominated qualifying, recording the fastest laps in each session. Such was his dominance he was even quickest in every sector in each qualifying session.


But now the FIA are calling into question the legality of his car

Jo Bauer, the FIA technical delegate who scrutinises the cars to ensure they meet the regulations has decided the DRS wing on Hamilton’s car, opened more than was allowed. This clearly gives the car and driver an advantage when running down the straights where the wing is allowed to open and reduce the car’s drag.


The matter is now with the stewards. Who should decide on the penalty Mercedes should receive.

Given Jo’s tape measuring skills will not be called into question, this should be a slam dunk penalty for Mercedes and Hamilton is likely to start tomorrows Sprint Qualifying event at the back of the grid.

Yet 3 hours since Mercedes were called to the stewards, no official decision has been made.

According to TJ13 sources, Toto was seen leaving the stewards office a while ago, irritated and waving his arms. Of course this could merely be him expressing his delight at Sir Loo’s epic laps in qualifying.

Then again…. It’s for other reasons.



This is a stupid mistake by Mercedes who have also abused the FIA’s regulations that only 3 PU’s should be used in the season and they have tried to be clever by spending £5m on a new engine for Brazil to re-ignite Hamiltons title challenge.

Anyway, the result should be Lewis starts back of the grid for the Sprint qualifying. Any other decision will again leave fans believing Mercedes have too much power in F1.



3 responses to “Mercedes Screw Up Big, paddock insider reveals…

    • I’m curious why accuse the author of this.

      Getting the 5th engine is an agressive move, totally F1 worthy, but in the light of everyone should just use 3 engines and in emergencies (when they are all broken) you can get another one with a grid penalty, then it is unsportsmanlike.

      As for the wing, it did not pass the test, any driver would be disqualified, only because it is one of the title contenders in one of the last races the decision took so long, any other driver than Hamilton or Verstappen and the stewards would have dealt with it much faster.

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