Max Verstappen’s truths about his relationship with Lewis Hamilton

As Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton battle it out for the F1 World Championship title at every Grand Prix, the Dutchman spoke about his relationship with his rival.

In the past few seasons, Lewis Hamilton has not really been challenged for the world championship title. This time, it’s quite different. Indeed, the duel with Max Verstappen is intense. Between the Red Bull driver and the Mercedes driver, it is a war both in and out of the race.

A tension that is the talk of the paddock. But what is the relationship between Verstappen and Hamilton? Reported by The Telegraph on Friday, the Dutchman gave an update.



“There have been tense moments, but…”

“My relationship with Hamilton? It is good. I mean the relationship is that of competitors. We won’t really go out to eat together.

“You have to have a competitive spirit and we always try to beat each other in the race, but we also try to respect each other outside. There have been tense moments, but overall it’s been good,” said Max Verstappen.




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