Hamilton’s grim assessment of Red Bull amid rear suspension ‘clarifications’

Max Verstappen has increased his lead over Lewis Hamilton in the race for the F1 world title with his victory at the US Grand Prix. For the Mercedes driver, the battle with Red Bull will be intense right up to the end.

The suspense could last until the end of the season for the supreme title of Formula 1 world champion. After winning the US Grand Prix on Sunday, Max Verstappen has slightly increased his lead at the top of the overall standings. The Red Bull driver has 287.5 points, ahead of rival Lewis Hamilton’s 275.5. The Briton acknowledged his opponent’s superiority.


“The next two circuits, for sure, will be favourable to Red Bull”.

“I think they were faster all weekend, on all tyres in the race. Just, with the heat, I think our real strength showed all weekend, a bit like other places like Bahrain this year.

“We did the maximum. I don’t know what we could have done differently, so I have to sit down and talk to the team. The next two circuits, for sure, will be Red Bull-friendly circuits, so it’s going to be tough, for sure. I’m not thinking about that at the moment, I have to be happy with the work I’ve done and live in the moment.

“Unfortunately we weren’t quick enough to win the race, but we’re looking forward and taking it one race at a time,” said Lewis Hamilton,



This assesment comes during a period of which Red Bull has asked the FIA for clarification on the Mercedes rear suspension, to check the German marque runs within the rules.

Since the Russian Grand Prix, Mercedes has suddenly picked up a lot of speed on the straights. While in Russia and Turkey it was initially thought that the new engine was on a more aggressive mapping for the final races, this turned out not to be the case.

Prior to the US Grand Prix, footage of the Mercedes F1 suspension was released. It became clear that at very high speeds, the car flattens out much more at the rear to create less drag in a straight line.


“I said at the beginning that I don’t think they are doing anything illegal. We have also seen this effect in the past, but in Turkey we saw an extreme version of this,” Horner explained. After receiving the FIA’s investigation report following its requests for clarification, Red Bull Racing will not protest against Mercedes F1’s rear suspension.




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