Hamilton disqualified from Bahrain result

After the outcry on social media about the Formula 1 driver’s off-track actions at the Bahrain Grand Prix and the pressure exerted by Red Bull, the FIA has decided to look into the case with greater diligence.

A number of experts have commented on the legality of the seven-time world champion’s actions last Sunday.


Hamilton went off the track several times at Sakhir without being reprimanded once by the stewards. The FIA’s impartiality regarding Mercedes and its star driver was called into question.

Following the insistence of the Red Bull clan, the stewards decided to focus their attention on the video of the race as well as on the data of Lewis Hamilton’s car.


The result was that the British driver’s actions gave him a certain advantage over his rival, Max Verstappen. The official report mentions a gain of two tenths of a second per lap.

As a result, the stewards decided to disqualify him from the race.

FIA Race Director Michael Masi said:

“We have made our decision in good conscience. It was initially decided not to take any action against Lewis.

“But at Red Bull’s insistence, we analysed the data on the number 44 car and found that Lewis had a significant advantage over his rivals through his various manoeuvres at Turn 4.

“We therefore had no choice but to disqualify him from the race.

“I know that many fans will be disappointed that this story has come to an abrupt end, but that’s the way it is.”


Of course, this is the first of April, and therefore this story is completely fictitious. That said, there are many who believe that the track limit issue and the advantage gained by Lewis should result in disqualification. 



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17 responses to “Hamilton disqualified from Bahrain result

  1. Quitting f1. FIA should just give the championship to Max and Redbull on a platter. No need for the drama of racing.

    • A good April fool but of course all teams had the rules but only one team took advantage of the ambiguity, so now we know who the real fools were

  2. Louis Hamilton heeft over al die ronden een voordeel gehaald van 6,7 seconden voor dat Max het zelfde deed en toen werd terug gefloten , dit is tekenend dat de FIA en de Formule1 wedstrijdleiding tot op heden nog steeds een anti-pathie tegen Max verstappen heeft en Max wel veroordeeeld en Louis niet en Mercedes kan en mag doen wat ze willen, daarmee is het kampioenschap al zeker gesteld voor Mercedes en daarom lopen er steeds meer publiek en fans weg vanwege de partijdigheid van de wedstrijdleiding en de baan stewards want het is een grote kliek die afgeloepn jaar aan het eind van het seizoen wel een leuke wagen met een ster cadeau kregen, en als je cadeau’s aan neemt schept dat tegen prestaties dus je geeft Mercedes diverse baan voordelen etc. en daarmee verkwansel je de sport, er moet een wedstrijd leiding komen bestaande uit ex formule1 coureurs die geen enkele band meer hebben met een team.

    • Jack,

      All that happened was Lewis exploited a decision that was communicated to the drivers in the friday briefing about the limits being enforced at T4 during qualifying and not the race. Its up to all drivers to adhere to the rules set out at each meeting. If Max or any other driver didnt exploit this, more fool them.
      When advised by race control however, following them seeing just how much and often Lewis and other drivers (many were) were doing this, he stopped

      Unlike “normal” track limit excursions, passing off track is a completely separate issue, and dealt with under a different rule that DOESNT have any ambiguity to it.

      • Another toys out of the pram episode from Red Bull because their golden boy didnt win as expected, so lets find a way to eliminate the great Lewis Hamilton, I hope they can sleep at night knowing Max did not win the race on his driving skills but manipulative skills of Christian Horner and his complaining. Go Lewis

        • I agree with everything you say. Red Bull go crying to the FIA again just because there driver got is Ass kicked by Lewis. I’ve been watching F1 for over 25years and I am now starting to get fed up with it now, all because one team can’t get what they want they go cry to the FIA and say that they will pull out. Not Happy with what they have done to Lewis. Max needs to grow up.

  3. Far more convincing than my ‘Oh look!……There’s a monster at the door!!!!!’ One year I actually went to a DIY store and asked for their rainbow paint (the one that comes in a block which you can roller on to stop the colours from mixing).

  4. Was Hamilton the only one exploiting track limits… no… is Hamilton the only one getting disqualified… yes… I get gaining 2 tenths of a second per lap for 20 laps but please you’re actually telling me he’s entire race is now forfeited

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