Sainz answers Mercedes’ doubts

Mercedes recently expressed fears about the new Formula 1 season, Carlos Sainz does not share those fears – in fact, he believes Mercedes are bluffing and their public doubts are little more than ‘sand-bagging’.

In a week’s time, the drivers will meet in Bahrain for the launch of the new Formula 1 season. The championship is highly anticipated, with Fernando Alonso making his return and Mick Schumacher making his debut. Several drivers also changed teams during the break, which promises to be a very interesting season. Mercedes team boss Toto Wolff recently expressed his caution about the big competition this year, pointing to Red Bull as the main threat.


“Red Bull had an incredible car last year and the main characteristics of the RB16 will be retained this year, at least in the first few Grands Prix of the championship. (…) So we can’t rule out that Red Bull Racing or Aston Martin have found a better solution than us,” he said.

It has to be said that Mercedes did not really stand out during the winter tests, but Carlos Sainz does not believe in the caution of the reigning world champions.

“I don’t believe anything I’ve seen during these tests, either from Mercedes or any other team. It’s clear to me that they are bluffing anyway.

“What we can say from these tests is that Red Bull seems to be performing very well, and I’m sure McLaren has also made good progress with their new car, especially as they have a better engine this year.

“So it’s clear that McLaren will take another step forward this season, and the new Alpine doesn’t look bad either. Then it will be a question of seeing where we stand in relation to these two teams,”



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  1. We all know that Toto likes to ‘big up’ the competition before every season opener to try and create some interest but I’m finding that his constant BS is becoming very boring and tedious.
    I’m sure that they will miraculously find the solution to all of their issues before the first race again as they have done in previous years.

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