“Mercedes no longer needs Hamilton”

According to Tom Coronel’s opinion, it is time to think about a farewell to Formula 1 for Lewis Hamilton. The British driver of the Mercedes team will be racing this year to break Michael Schumacher’s title record, seeking his eighth title. After that, of course, there would be no record left to beat.

“Hamilton is a real driver, but this will be the toughest season in his history with 23 races.

“Do you want to dictate your destiny or have it dictated to you? Guys like Hamilton dictate it without a problem. And I can imagine how he will feel after winning his eighth title in F1’s longest year.

“With eight titles you’re no longer Lewis Hamilton, you’re like a god. After that, that’s it: I don’t know why he should continue after breaking all the records.

“The negotiations with Mercedes this year have already been very difficult. You can understand that both sides were not fully involved. Mercedes will no longer need Hamilton. There is no future for him there, the only reason would be to get more money on his account. Behind him there is Russell pawing at him,” Coronel told Formule1.nl.


The longest season could end much sooner than expected in any case, if Hamilton continues to dominate. But there is a little hope.

“In truth I really expect something special this year. Honda will do everything in its power with its new engine before it leaves Formula 1 again.”

Coronel predicts, imagining that the Japanese constructor, along with Red Bull, will really put everything they have into this season in order to undermine the certainties of Mercedes. If that is indeed the case, it could be a very close year.

“I’m not saying Max will be the champion, but we will hear Hamilton grumbling a lot on the radio. He always does when someone is breathing down his neck. However, he’s had it far too easy in recent years,”



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    • Shh, the alt right of F1 dont want to hear any pesky facts, they prefer alternative facts – like someone absolutely no one has heard of or cares less about mentions something negative about Hamilton – this is enough for the Judge to begin a Q anon article

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