Updated: Doctors reveal Alonso’s recovery plan after bike crash

Fernando Alonso suffered a traumatic bicycle accident last Thursday, reportedly hit by a car driven in a supermarket car park, the result of which caused significant injury to the jaw of the 2 time Formula 1 World Champion.

Doctors in Spain have given their expert analysis of the recovery plan set for Fernando Alonso, and it is thought that the Spanish driver will be ready to commence training for the coming F1 season “in 5 or 6 days” according to the Spanish publication cope.es.

“Following his cycling accident yesterday Fernando Alonso was kept under observation in hospital in Switzerland,” the Alpine F1 Team said in a statement on Friday,

“Medics discovered a fracture in his upper jaw and conducted a successful corrective operation. The attending medical team are satisfied with his progress.”


The Alpine F1 team expects him to be “fully operational” by the start of the season, and not only that but the team expects Alonso to be available for the pre-season in Bahrain on 12th, 13th and 14th of March.

Police also confirmed that the accident occurred in the early afternoon as a driver was making a turn out of a supermarket car park, and failed to spot Alonso.

Reports indicate that the Spanish Formula 1 Champ is in good spirits and the surgery went well, and according to Spain’s Cope, Alonso is thinking of being able to return to some sport and practice for next season in five or six days.


Further, Dr. Julio Acero, the president of the European Society of Cranio-Maxillofacial Surgery, has told the Spanish publication confirmed that he could indeed do moderate sport, saying:

“Once the bone has been put back in place, it has a quick recovery. It is feasible that he can do moderate exercise without receiving direct impacts” and he points out that “in four weeks the fracture could be healed” after reports indicate that Alonso was fitted with a plate and the damaged teeth were removed.


Cope then asks about the possibility that Alonso could have problems when it comes to putting on the helmet, but the doctor points out that “once it is in place, it protects” and adds with a laugh “we could already put a helmet on all our patients”.

Alonso has thanked all the well-wishing with a tweet saying: “Thanks for all your good wishes, I’m fine and looking forward to the 2021 season”.










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