Update: Neurologist revelations about Schumacher

Michael Schumacher’s name is known thanks to his exploits in Formula 1. In all, he won 7 world Championships between 1994 and 2004 – He is considered one of the best F1 drivers of all time.

He has also competed in several sports disciplines, including football, motorcycling and skiing. The latter was almost fatal for the former F1 world champion.

Indeed, he was a victim of a terrible accident during his winter holidays in the ski resort of Méribel. He suffered a head trauma and the driver remained in a degenerative state of coma for a year. In 2014, his ordeal finally came to an end with his release from coma in Grenoble hospital.

However, the Formula 1 driver lost the use of several of his limbs.


In 2016, some sources confirmed that Michael Schumacher could no longer move, that he could no longer stand upright. He even had to undergo rehabilitation sessions in many specialist centres.

However, information on his health status was blocked by his relatives. They announced their intention to do so as soon as he was discharged from hospital.

In spite of the blocking of information, a nurse has recently revealed her working with the German driver at the hospital in which he underwent treatment to social networks.

According to the information revealed by the nurse, she confirms that: “he is in my department! And I can assure you that he is conscious.”


The nurse in question works at the Georges Pompidou European Hospital in Paris. More precisely, she works in the neurology department of this hospital.

At the moment, no information has filtered out about the treatment used by the neurologists, however, it appears to be a revolutionary treatment process. This has caused jubilation among the driver’s fans, who hope to finally see their champion again in the near future.

Indeed, hope is beginning to gain momentum, even though a complete cure remains unlikely. According to specialists, he will have lifelong after-effects that will always deprive him of his mobility.

For the moment the ‘Red Baron’ is conscious. However, his state of health remains worrying according to a neurologist.


According to neurologist Matilde Leonardi, the driver will never be cured of his head trauma. Moreover, she remains unconvinced about the existence of a stem cell-based treatment that can cure the patient. The Italian neurologist is working at the Institute of Neurology in Milan. According to her, Michael Schumacher will be awake, but his state of consciousness will be minimal. He will be able to open his eyes without being able to get up.

The minimal state of consciousness or a ‘pauci-relational’ state affects patients who have just come out of a coma. This state can persist for several years without any possibility of recovery.


The good news is that Michael Schumacher is able to interact with his environment, so he can respond to stimuli with small gestures. According to the neurologist, patients can turn their head or move their thumb, but that is often the extrent of which communication is possible.

No doubt, fans of the German and indeed the Formula 1 fanbase and paddock hope and pray that the Schumacher might someday make some semblance of a recovery.





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