Ferrari CEO steps away, former boss steps up offer

After a very disappointing Formula 1 season for Ferrari, which by all accounts was its worst in 30 to 40 years, the former CEO of the F1 team and company, Luca di Montezemolo, admits he is saddened and worried about his former team.

He suggests that he knows exactly what doesn’t work for the team.

“I think I know what the problems are and I can solve them, I know what needs to be done in time” said di Montezemolo.

“But I see with a lot of regrets, a weak Ferrari team, far from the sharp end, and that worries me because this is a very difficult moment for the team”.


“It’s a very different Ferrari from the one I used to manage, it pays a lot of attention to the stock market, it has increased the production of road cars, but for the first time it has a leadership that doesn’t know Formula 1”.

Louis Camilleri has resigned for health reasons from his position as CEO, and di Montezemolo would have seen Stefano Domenicali as the right man for the job.

But the former Lamborghini CEO is now going to run Formula One: “After Camilleri’s resignation, I hope they will choose the new CEO well because there is a team to strengthen”.


“I’m sorry to say it, but there would have been a perfect person to run Ferrari: I’m talking about Stefano Domenicali, who I’m sure will do very well in his new role”.

Di Montezemolo, who led Ferrari to success in the 2000s, is ready to take on a consultancy role within the Scueria, and he says he is ready to offer his insights:

“If they want to hear any suggestions, I’d be happy to share them. I love Ferrari very much.

“These are very difficult times because of the lack of victories and I want to avoid creating more controversy. I try to be constructive, but I’m worried because Ferrari hasn’t led a single lap in the whole season. There are problems that come from far away and they create questions about the future”.



The Italian notes that Binotto is “very lonely” in the team and analyses two areas of problems to be solved:

“They are double. First of all, there is a horizontal organisation that doesn’t hold up in Formula One

“It’s typical of those who lack experience and knowledge, and perhaps even humility to see how the best teams are organised, or how Ferrari itself has been organised,

“Secondly, to win, you have to have something in the team that makes the difference and brings new skills. I had a very strong team because I always tried to choose experienced people.”




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