Verstappen explains anger with Red Bull

Max Verstappen explained why he was angry with his team on the radio this Sunday during the Formula 1 Spanish Grand Prix.

The Dutchman made his voice heard at various times during Sunday’s race, complaining about the condition of his tyres and that he felt his team should focus on their own race rather than what Hamilton and Bottas were doing.



“At the end of the day you can’t control what they are doing, you can only control what we are doing, so we just had to make sure we were implementing the fastest strategy possible for us. ” He explained after the race.


“I wanted to go back to the pits, and they didn’t call me. I was having a lot of trouble with the tyres and I lost a lot of lap time in the last two laps and I had already said on the radio that I didn’t care if they put me behind the Racing Points because I would pass them easily, because we were much faster, especially on new tyres. ”


In the end, Max Verstappen finished between the two Mercedes drivers, which allowed him to retain his second place in the World Drivers’ Championship.



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