Vettel’s admissions about his Ferrari last weekend

The four-time F1 world champion Sebastian Vettel was at the wheel of a car with ‘unrecognisable behaviour’ at the Austrian Grand Prix.

Sebastian Vettel stressed how “unrecognisable” his car was at the Austrian Grand Prix last Sunday compared to the beginning of the weekend.


Starting from eleventh on the grid in Austria on Sunday, Ferrari driver Sebastian Vettel crossed the finish line in tenth position, taking advantage of multiple retirements during the race.

The German experienced a difficult race at the wheel of a car that behaved quite differently from what he had expected, and he even had the pleasure of spinning the car in an attempt to overtake Carlos Sainz’s McLaren, who will be replacing him at Ferrari next year.

Speaking to Servus TV on Monday evening, Vettel admitted that his car was “unrecognisable” from last Sunday’s race.

“Speed was simply lacking. We’re still looking. There may be a couple of things that weren’t quite ideal. ” said the four-time Formula One world champion.

“The car was not recognisable from the feeling I had on Friday. So overall it was not a good day for me. 

Asked about his missed overtake on Sainz’s McLaren, Vettel explained: “It wasn’t supposed to be an overtake. 

“I just wanted to be as close as possible. The two of them were fighting [Sainz and Leclerc] a little bit. I didn’t expect Carlos to move at the last minute. It’s my fault, I didn’t want to touch him. 

“With no parking brake, I think it’s a good job!” said Vettel about his spin.


“Of course, it wasn’t intentional. I was very annoyed. In retrospect, I can only describe the situation as I saw it from the cockpit. But that must not happen. Otherwise, I would have had a much better chance. ”


Sebastian Vettel and Charles Leclerc will be able to count on the efforts of the Ferrari team this weekend at the Styrian Grand Prix, as the Italian team is planning to introduce some technical innovations to the SF1000.



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