Verstappen joins Horner & Red Bull rhetoric to ‘get F1 done’ in Austria

Winner of the Austrian Grand Prix at the Red Bull Ring last season, Max Verstappen revealed that he would like a second race to be held in Austria for the restart that was postponed by COVID-19.

One has to question if the Formula 1 season can be resumed on July 5th on the Red Bull Ring in Austria. At least that’s the direction the situation seems to be heading in. Odds are good that we’ll still see an F1 Championship this year. If not, you may have to continue watching repeats or check out the driving-based slot games on Casumo.

President of F1, Chase Carey recently confirmed the cancellation of the French Grand Prix originally scheduled for June the 28th and was planning for a resumption of the season on July 5th in Austria.


The plan has been validated by Red Bull Team team principal Christian Horner, and now by Max Verstappen, the number one driver for the Austrian team. The Dutchman would even like to have the opportunity to race twice in Austria, with a second race for July 12th in the pipeline. A double header as such.

“I love driving on the Red Bull Ring, I also hope that we can have two races there”.

“Plus we’re pretty good there in general, we won last year. So, yes, I also hope we can have two races.

“It will be behind closed doors. We haven’t been able to celebrate in Zandvoort yet. In Spielberg there is always an army of fans in orange, it’s always nice to see, but this year there won’t be any.

“However, the most important thing is for us to be able to fight for the world title and that’s why I really hope we can start the season as soon as possible. And I hope in Austria. I’m ready in any case”, concludes Max Verstappen.


Red Bull team boss Christian Horner concedes that the measures required by the Red Bull Ring circuit and Formula 1 are “pretty draconian” saying:

“Red Bull are really committed to getting the championship off the ground,” the Red Bull team boss said to Autosport.

“They have put in huge effort to get the race under way in Austria.

“It’s a circuit that’s owned by Red Bull, so it’s obviously within their control, but they’re working with the local authorities and the government.

“Of course the screening and testing and the restrictions that are going to be in place are going to be pretty draconian, but if it allows the sport to start up again, I think it will be a blueprint for other circuits to follow.

“I think when we do get going again, it’s going to be like creating a tight group of people, probably less than 80 people within a team, and they’re all going to have to stay in the same hotel, they’re all going to have to travel together, and they are not going to be able to interface with other teams.

“So there’s going to be some quite strict restrictions.

“I’m sure there’s gonna be a lot of testing, a lot of screening, and we won’t be interacting with the local community as well.

“I think that there are going to be procedures in place that are designed to protect most of the competitors, and also take the necessary precautions for the hosts of these races as well, so it’s not going to be a standard grand prix format by any shape or form.”


Although many might question if such precious testing resources should be ‘wasted’ on a sporting event, Horner remains hopeful that there will still be a Formula 1 Championship to run in 2020 regardless.

“We’re a race team, and we need a championship to race in,” he added.

“It’s unimaginable not to go racing this year, and I think it would be enormously unlikely for there not to be an event take place, or a World Championship to take place.

“You can see it’s gathering momentum, the last couple of weeks, trying to put scenarios in place to try and get going.

“I don’t think there will be a scenario where we won’t race at all this year.”



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