Renault F1 team – ‘now is the time to get out’

Giedo van der Garde, the Dutch ex-Formula 1 driver, expects that some teams will seriously reconsider participation in F1 due to the corona crisis, especially Renault.

The former F1 driver was asked at which teams he thinks hairline cracks are developing during an interview via instagram recently.


“Especially at a team like Renault – which came back with the idea that they wanted to become world champion within three years. Now is the time to get out’,

“I can still see that happening. At Daimler I don’t think so, I think there’s so much power behind it’, ” Van der Garde continues.

Daimler, Mercedes parent company, wouldn’t throw in the towel so quickly summarises the Dutchman.


Giedo Van Der Garde

Van der Garde predicts there’s going to be a lot of talk about a possible exit of the French racing team, the company has had turbulent years.

“They have had a lot of trouble internally. I can just imagine them thinking ‘now is the time to get out,’ ” concludes the ex Caterham F1 driver.






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