Grosjean’s take on it

With the Formula One world at a standstill due to the health crisis linked to Covid-19, Romain Grosjean made no secret of the fact that he was expecting a very intensive season when it resumes.

Although Europe has become the epicentre of the Covid-19 pandemic, this does not mean that the Old Continent is the only area of the world to be hit by this coronavirus.

Indeed, almost all countries in the world have seen cases reported on their territory. The pandemic has had an impact on the world of sport as the majority of competitions have come to a standstill, whether in football, tennis or Formula 1.


The season has not even started in the world’s premier motor sport competition after the Australian Grand Prix was cancelled a week ago.

Many races have already been postponed, while the Monaco Grand Prix has already been cancelled.

A major upheaval in the calendar is therefore taking place, and Romain Grosjean makes no secret of his concern about this situation, which could lead to an intensive series of Grand Prix when the competition starts after the health crisis.

“For the moment we have to wait. We can see all the events that are starting to be postponed.

“What we have to tell ourselves is that we won’t have any holidays this summer, we can cancel them right away.

“We’re going to go on 18 races in six months, I imagine. It’s a bit extreme, but I think we all have to pay attention to each other and not take things lightly,” Romain Grosjean told Canal + in an interview.

Helmut Marko concurs with the Frenchman, believing that 18 races are possible in 2020, following the cancellation or postponement of the first seven events.

“The plan is now that the cancelled races will then be followed up in an intensive program over the summer and into December,

“so that you will have a racing calendar of around 18 events.” said the Austrian.



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