Leclerc: Ferrari secrecy must be respected

The confidential agreement reached between Ferrari and the FIA on the engine for the 2019 F1 season was certainly a situation that has caused the other teams to react in a rather negative fashion.

Charles Leclerc makes clear he believes that the agreement between the two parties must be respected.

During the last tests of the season in Barcelona, the Formula 1 teams received a press release stating an agreement between Ferrari and the FIA. This agreement concerned the legality of the engine used in 2019 by Ferrari.


The teams requested a clarification of this agreement which is legal according to the regulations. Charles Leclerc, driver of the Scuderia can’t understand why the other teams don’t believe in the validity of this agreement.

“They should trust the FIA to do its job.” says the youngster,

“I think it is totally understandable that they don’t explain everything, because there is a lot of work done on our side on all the parts.

“If you make that public, you have to make all the work of the team public. It’s understandable to me.”


On the subject of his current Ferrari team mate Sebastian Vettel, Leclerc is happy if the team decides to let him go.

“I will respect Ferrari’s decision in case they want to change.” despite being “happy to work with him if he stayed”.

Leclerc insists his relationship with Vettel “has always been good.”

“Obviously last year there have been some tricky moments,” he admitted. “But our relationship stayed the same, which I think is a good thing. We are both mature enough to do the separation between what happens on-track and [away from] the track.

“I feel very lucky to be in a position where I’ve got a long-term contract and and I’m happy to be in this position. I also know his position in a way as [in] my last two years I only had a one-year contract. But I don’t think it will it will destabilise him so much. He’s a very strong driver and I expect him to be very strong anyway.”



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