FIA president takes public backlash over tweet

The FIA President has not demonstrated the best skills for Twitter in the past few days…

While fans and media alike were left helpless in the dark, whether the Australian Grand Prix would be cancelled or not, Jean Todt posted a photo of a meeting with business people.


Yesterday the next gem followed. Commenting on the postponement of the races in Bahrain and Vietnam, he said: “First protect the people”. In return he reaps the biggest shitstorm from the fans.

One user writes: “First you let 10,000 people wait for the cancellation and say you did it to save them. “Don’t try and sugarcoat it now.”

Another user writes: “Yes, of course there is no better way than leaving [the fans] at the gates instead of cancelling the Australia GP in time. That’s the best protection.”



Name the year, & the Grand Prix – answers in comments below


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