Ecclestone on Ferrari & Lewis: “Italians, talk behind his back”

Ecclestone: the problem with the Ferrari F1 team is that when they have a favourite, the other driver is second best.

With Formula One currently on standby, Bernie Ecclestone has spoken to the Daily Mail journalists on a variety of topics.

The former head of Formula One has returned to the duel between Charles Leclerc and Sebastian Vettel last year and how difficult it will be for Vettel to get back on track.


It is worth remembering that there are several rumours that the German will be leaving for other horizons between now and the end of this season.

“The problem with Ferrari is that when they have a favourite, the other driver comes second.” explains ‘Mr E’,

“Sebastian should have been better last year. But he had a rotten season and that’s what I told him,

“So I think he finished in the place he deserves,

“Leclerc did well to behave like that last year, he was very strong in every way,

“Now that the whole team is behind him, Seb will have no choice but to beat him this year or do something else.” continues Ecclestone.



Ecclestone is very much of an old school, with political correctness oft furthest from his mind. Hamilton and his options at Ferrari are not immune to his opinion on Ferrari, Italians and their national shortcomings, according to Bernie at least.

“He is comfortable there. He is in charge,” says Mr E on Hamilton at Mercedes.

“He’s got the guy who turns the lights on and off supporting him [team principal Toto Wolff]. It wouldn’t work at Ferrari for him,

“They are Italians. He would have to really learn the language so he’d know what they were saying behind his back, for a start,

“The problem with all the Italians, they don’t want a fight, don’t want an argument with anyone.

“Instead of saying to someone who is doing a bad job, ‘Sort yourself out or I’ll sort you out — please yourself, but I want results, they say ‘Let’s have dinner so we can talk about it. Be friends’.”

Remarkable statements.


“If I were a team boss I’d sign Max, He’s quick and easy to deal with.

“If I had Lewis I’d just tell him what time the next race starts and say be there for then. Apart from that, he could do whatever he wants.

“I’d cut his pay and let him do his own sponsorship, anything. Mercedes try to rein him in a bit. I’d give him total freedom,”



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