Former Ferrari F1 driver explains why they won’t win 2020 Championships

The former Ferrari driver Gerhard Berger does not count Sebastian Vettel and Charles Leclerc among the favourites for the 2020 Formula 1 World Championship title.

In his opinion, however, this is not so much due to the drivers as to the personnel situation within the Scuderia – and in particular the team boss Mattia Binotto.

Berger says Binotto is a “a super nice guy” in an interview with “, but says that “The way the structures are set up, I see more of an advantage with Red Bull and Mercedes.” – And Berger doesn’t pin this on Binotto’s expertise, but on his dual role at Ferrari.


“Personally, I don’t think it’s possible if someone does team management, technology and politics.”

” With the other teams it’s usually split between three people. There is usually a super technician, like Adrian Newey at Red Bull or Andy Cowell at Mercedes. whether he’s on the engine side or the chassis side.” says Berger.

“Then there’s one guy who handles the whole operation. Christian Horner does it perfectly. And then there’s someone who’s in charge of policy and strategy. That’s perfect for Mercedes Wolff or Marko for Red Bull,” says the DTM boss.

“All from one person …? I like Binotto. But I just don’t see that it’s feasible.”

Of course, at the Gestione Sportiva in Maranello, technical managers work in the background, taking care of the day-to-day operations. But Binotto is more involved in vehicle development than other team bosses simply because of his background.

Berger would divide the tasks of the 50-year-old Binotto, among three people: “If you look at the successful time of Ferrari, there were also Jean Todt, Ross Brawn and Rory Byrne. And then there was Michael Schumacher.”

“Helmut Marko or Toto Wolff correspond to the role of Jean Todt. The technician was made by Rory Byrne. And the team manager of the whole story was Ross Brawn,” 




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