Disappointment for Danish fans of Haas F1 driver Kevin Magnussen

Denmark no longer seems to be interested in hosting a Formula One Grand Prix, even though the country had applied for F1 – it considers the Formula 1 Grand Prix project ‘too risky’.

Denmark’s Minister of Economic Affairs, Simon Kollerup, has definitively ruled out the idea of organising a Formula 1 Grand Prix in his country; a project that he considers both complex and risky to implement.


“It is a complex and risky project that will require broad support from many players, including broad political support. This is a complex and risky project that will require broad support from many players, including broad political support,” Simon Kollerup said in a letter to Helge Sander, the former Minister of Science who was in charge of the F1 project in Denmark.

“The project is not a priority for the government at the moment, but I recognise the environmental efforts of Formula One in recent years and would like to hear more about this development later. »

The FIA had given its approval to a route in the streets of Copenhagen, but the mayor of the city decided to withdraw his support for the project at the last moment.

Initially, the Danish Grand Prix had managed to “reserve” its place on the 2020 calendar, but it was the Dutch Grand Prix that was made official this season on this very date, May 3rd.


Of course, this news will be considered a blow to the popular Danish driver Kevin Magnussen of the US based Haas F1 team. 

In some respects, the news of the possible Danish GP dissolving away from the initial hype in some way reflects the lacklustre fortunes of the Haas F1 team last season. After a fantastic 2018 season, the team slumped badly in 2019.

The Danish driver believes the team can learn from their poor 2019 season and avoid a downward spiral.

“The first three years we took big steps forward,” Magnussen told Motorsport.com. “Maybe it doesn’t look so big, but actually going from P8 in the constructors to P5 in three years is pretty good.

“We all need to be frank with ourselves and say: ‘Look, what can we do better? where can we improve?’ [What] was the area [that was] not the best – the drivers, engineers, management, communications, kitchen? Everyone in the team needs to look at themselves honestly and see what we can do better?

“If we can all do that, we can improve.” concludes Magnussen.



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  1. Definitely risky to put a big investment in F1 because it is quickly becoming irrelevant and it’s days are numbered. People simply are losing interest as the sport has come as far as it could. Cars have maxed out, drivers are arrogant idiots, and there is very little entertainment value. It’s all drama now with no substance.

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