Alonso points out Hamilton’s weakness he’d exploit

According to Fernando Alonso, Lewis Hamilton has “raised his level” in the last two seasons but still has weaknesses that others don’t exploit.

Spaniard Fernando Alonso, who retired from F1 at the end of the 2018 season and plans to return to the top flight in 2021, told F1Racing magazine that he would like to rub shoulders with Lewis Hamilton.

According to the two-time world champion, Lewis Hamilton has a weak point that no one has taken advantage of to beat him in recent years.

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“He’s taken a step forward, he’s more competitive, he’s better prepared,” said Alonso of his former McLaren teammate.

“But he still has some weaknesses that have not been highlighted – nobody pressed that button – on that weakness…

“He has raised the level in the last two years, especially in 2019, when the car has not been as dominant as in other seasons. If he can’t win, he’s still very close – he’s not 20 seconds behind – which is the case with Valtteri [Bottas].” says the Spaniard. 


“On a weekend where the car is not as competitive, Bottas is fifth or sixth or a minute behind, which is not the case for Lewis. 

“If you study the season well, there’s always a trend. He starts the year off slow and no one takes advantage of it. We are all delighted when we think that it will be the year of Bottas, but in the end it’s not the case. 

“It would be nice to compete against him in a good fight. Maybe his weaknesses aren’t real and it’s all calculated, but it would be nice to find out. 

“When you have a good package and the other guys break down and you increase your lead in the championship, everything seems quiet. If you’re only a point or 10 points behind, the stress is different. The mistakes are different and your radio communications are different. We need to see that when the pressure is high. ”



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