New footage of Zandvoort circuit progress

After a 35-year hiatus, Formula 1 is returning to Zandvoort for the Formula 1 Dutch Grand Prix – The historic seaside track, set among sand dunes near Amsterdam, has been tipped to be one of the most popular races of 2020 thanks to Max Verstappen.

That said, the circuit is unlikely to lend itself to decent racing, certainly in its former guise. The circuit has since been modified to incorporate banked corners, mostly for safety reasons, but the rhetoric is that this will be a feature of the Grand Prix and will ‘reward the brave’. TJ13 doesn’t think that this will enable much passing.

What might enable some racing is the high chance of rain prompting a newly developed tarmac, designed in collaboration with studio Domo, Circuit Zandvoort, F1 itself, the FIA and Pirelli.

Below is some drone footage taken over the weekend by Youtuber Jorg de Bruijn showing the track in its current state of construction.





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