Lando Norris accidentally reveals 2020 McLaren livery?

A quick F1 post this late evening – On instagram, Mclaren’s Lando Norris could’ve revealed to the world a glimpse of the 2020 MCL35 livery, albeit painted on a Dallara Indy Car chassis.

Using Instagram stories feature, the young Formula 1 driver from Britain reveals a McLaren related trip to Las Vegas in the United States of America for a corporate show which happens to include recent sponsor Klipsch Audio.


Starting this year, McLaren and Klipsch entered into a multi-year deal “celebrating Klipsch as the Official Headphone and Portable Audio Partner of the Formula 1 team.” according to the official McLaren F1 website.

“McLaren and Klipsch were created by two founders with innovation in mind and both brands live in the world of speed and sound. We are looking forward to starting the partnership in the 2020 season and collaborating to develop exciting products that leverage our shared knowledge.” says McLaren boss Zak Brown.

The convention in Las Vegas required McLaren’s Lando Norris to attend, a serial user of social media. 

At the Klipsch stand Norris takes a photo of a orange painted Indy Car in McLaren colours, the now-familiar orange we’ve now seen for the last couple of years – although this example does appear darker in tone than the F1 car of 2019.

Most notable is the fact that the Klipsch sponsored Indy Car in Mclaren colours happens to have the same Matte paintwork we’ve seen on last years Ferrari and the Red Bull’s of 2019 and 2018.


Started by Red Bull, Ferrari soon copied it in 2019 citing performance benefits.

“The reason is not aesthetic, but exclusively technical,” explained Binotto, the Ferrari team boss.

“Eliminating the shiny element gives us a few hundred grammes, which may not sound like much, but when you push everything to the limit even this has an effect.” 

It could well be that for 2020, McLaren will follow suit with their F1 challenger the MCL35.




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  1. Completely agree with my Italian friend – Lando Norris did NOT accidentally reveal anything – He merely published a picture of something which is already in the public domain…..Duuurrrrrr!
    Anyway, so what? We’ll all get to see the next version of Bruce’s legacy in 10 weeks time – Gentlemen – start your engines.

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