What Schumacher has to say about his arrival in F1

While it will still be another year before Mick Schumacher is likely to be seen in Formula 1, the son of the German legend believes that continuing in F2 was the best choice for him.

The grid for the next Formula 1 season is now known. And unfortunately for some, Mick Schumacher will not have a seat.


The grid for the next Formula 1 season is now known. And unfortunately for some, Mick Schumacher will not have a seat. The German will therefore continue in F2 before getting his chance in the leading category in 2021, when the sport will change.

Schumacher could then follow in his father’s footsteps, especially as he could ultimately settle down at the wheel of a Ferrari. Nevertheless, he doesn’t regret having to wait another year.

“The most logical choice was to stay in Formula 2. The most logical and reliable. The championship will be different next year, everyone will have to learn how to drive a car with 18-inch tyres. That’s positive for me.” says Mick.

The F2 series will switch from 13-inch wheels to larger 18-inch wheels to allow Formula 1 tyre supplier Pirelli to gather data on how the larger tyres would work ahead of Formula 1’s adoption of 18-inch wheels in 2021.

“If I can make the big jump to F1, then I will have a small advantage. My goal is still F1 and for that I have to aim for the F2 title in 2020. I think it will be easier because I now know the car, and especially all the circuits.” concludes Mick.




Spy shot drone footage of Zandvoort F1 circuit

Work is ongoing for the coming Dutch Grand Prix in Zandvoort, a race that is of course eagerly anticipated by Max Verstappen F1 fans.

YouTube has proven to be invaluable for Formula 1 fans who like to keep tabs on the latest F1 circuit being built for the coming 2020 season. TJ13 has embedded some interesting drone footage below YouTube uploads of the circuit in its current state.






7 responses to “What Schumacher has to say about his arrival in F1

  1. Right now he doesn’t have what it takes to compete in F1, he’s a mid-field F2 driver at best. The rumour is Alfa ends it’s sponsorship of Sauber at the end of this year and with that the ability for Ferrari to place a driver in the team. I suspect that is why Kubica’s sponsors have done a multi-year deal with Sauber. Giovanazzi goes and Kubica steps in. The only avenue for Schumacher is Haas.

    • Alfa and Ferrari are 2 completely separate companies, so the notion that somehow they have or will lose sway over Sauber because of Alfa sponsorship is incorrect.

      They do have, and will retain, influence by way of powerunit supply deal to Sauber, just as they always have. For that reason, Giovanazzi will stay, unless his performance is still deemed sub-par at that point

      • This was a Marchionne deal. When the original deal was done they weren’t – the owners were principally FIAT / Elkann’s. ALFA is a dying brand, it’s outsold in Europe by Lancia. Now that ALFA is part of the merged Peugeot – Fiat group, a money losing niche brand isn’t likely to continue putting its money into F1. How much influence does Ferrari have over Haas? There is also the rumour of Sauber moving to a Honda engine, as a way for Honda to get Japanese drivers into F1

        • The Sauber / Honda deal for 2018 was scrapped in 2017, unless you can point to a more recent, credible source

          • The Sauber / Honda deal was scrapped because Marchionne wanted to turn Sauber into a Ferrari junior team with him utimately owning it. Marchionne is gone and ALFA are no longer in any financial position to continue sponsoring Sauber. And with Ferrari now a public company it’s questionable whether they can either.

      • So I asked if you had a source for the “rumours” of a Honda/ Sauber deal that you suggested, and you offered none other than repeating why the Ferrari/Sauber/Alfa wasn’t working out….

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