Ecclestone’s surprising take on Leclerc

Former Formula 1 boss Bernie Ecclestone, or Mr E as we like to call him on TJ13, has been full of praise for Charles Leclerc. And the former F1 ‘ring-master’ did not hesitate to compare him to Michael Schumacher.

At just 22 years old and for his first season at the Scuderia Ferrari, Charles Leclerc has shown himself to be particularly successful. Winner of his first two Grand Prix (in Belgium and Italy), the Monegasque finished 4th in the drivers’ standings.


Charles Leclerc is proving to be a strong outsider for the world championship next season and the Monegasque has impressed many observers like Bernie Ecclestone.

“Leclerc has a little arrogance, like Michael” says Ecclestone, referring to the current record holder of 7 World Championships.

The former Formula 1 boss commented on Charles Leclerc’s season and did not hesitate to compare him to Michael Schumacher saying:

“The young Charles Leclerc reminds me a lot of Michael Schumacher. He has a little arrogance, like Michael, and thinks it’s better than the car. These two things connect Michael and Leclerc.

“That’s why Leclerc can also become great,” Bernie Ecclestone told Bild, the German newspaper and Marca, the Spanish paper.


Meanwhile, Leclerc appears to keep his on-camera modesty going by admitting he’s still has a “lot of work to do” to eliminate on-track errors but says he’s “satisfied” with his debut year at Ferrari.

“I’m happy, at the beginning of the season if you will have told me you will have seven poles and 10 podiums, I wouldn’t have believed it,” Leclerc said on his first year at Ferrari, as quoted by “So it’s definitely better than what I expected.

“Looking back though there are quite a few mistakes so the targets now is to understand them and to not do them again. But I am satisfied about this first season.”

One man he clashed with on several occasions this season was Max Verstappen at Red Bull. Both youngsters had very good seasons but Verstappen has made sure he won’t ever be a team mate of Leclerc in the future with some accusations targetted toward Ferrari.

In fact, Ferrari’s executive director, Louis Camilleri has ruled out a future arrival of Max Verstappen in the Italian team, now or ever, after the Dutch driver suggested in Austin during the US GP that possible cheating had occurred on the part of Scuderia Ferrari and Charles Leclerc.

“He can’t think for a moment about being with us in the future” claims Camilleri.

For Verstappen, he can’t see becoming a team mate of Leclerc anyway saying to the Dutch media outlet Ziggo Sport: “I don’t think it will happen anyway. Think that you should not let two potential number one drivers ride next to each other. ”

Perhaps Mr E has got the wrong driver for his comparison toward Leclerc and Schumacher? Humility isn’t part of Verstappen’s makeup.


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