Wolff reflects on Ocon’s departure, gives opinion on Renault decision

While Esteban Ocon will be driving for Renault next season after having been the third Mercedes driver this season, Toto Wolff commented on the departure of the French driver.

After spending a season as a third driver at Mercedes, Esteban Ocon has found a seat at Renault for the next season. The 23-year-old driver will race alongside Daniel Ricciardo, succeeding Nico Hülkenberg.


But before committing to the French team, a lot of information had circulated stating that Ocon could claim a seat in Mercedes alongside Lewis Hamilton instead of Valtteri Bottas.

Finally, Bottas was confirmed as a teammate of the six-time world champion for next season. When asked about this story, Toto Wolff went back to Esteban Ocon’s departure. And in his opinion, the Frenchman made the best choice by joining Renault.

“Esteban had been with us for some time. We found ourselves in a situation last year where we didn’t have a seat to offer him. He learned a lot. He could have just watched Lewis Hamilton and Valtteri Bottas, but instead, he’s done a lot of simulators and learned a lot.

“Overall he is much more mature. Esteban is a driver who deserves to be in a Mercedes and who deserves to be in a very good car. But I believe that Renault’s offer, which is a factory team, could not be refused.

“It is something good for him and his development. And I think there are also risks when you go back to Mercedes against a Lewis Hamilton, in a team that is fighting for the world championship. For that reason, I believe that for him, Renault is the ideal solution.

“He’s a lion, he’s a young man who appears very nice but, under the helmet, wants to win, and I think there’s an absolute desire for him to be successful. I will continue to follow him, and if he does well, I will be very happy for him and for Renault,” said Toto Wolff in comments reported by F1News.fr.



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