Binotto: “Vettel and Leclerc have damaged the entire team”

Post-race, Ferrari team boss Mattia Binotto sends a clear message to both drivers after their clash in Brazil that resulted in a no points finish for Ferrari.


“We are disappointed and sorry, the two drivers must realize that they have damaged the entire team.

“It is true that there are contacts, which can happen, small contacts, but the consequences are many.

“They were free to compete with each other, but they are small mistakes that, however, have serious consequences, you pay as our image, as a team, with all the work you do, and that’s not good.” reports various Italian media outlets.

“I don’t want to judge who has mistaken or not, it is not important, we will do it calmly. We’ll do it together, analysing the videos well. I think that when you judge hot, you always risk making mistakes”


“I think that at certain times it is right to give a strong signal to the team, to the drivers” adds Binotto,

“Some things I think are not right and, therefore, we must also give a signal. I’ve already talked to both of them before any interview, because I think it was important. I think they need to understand that things always happen in two. Each of them will have a part of the blame.”



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