Marko: Red Bull will only consider these drivers for next year

Red Bull has not yet decided who Max Verstappen’s teammate will be next season. But one thing seems to be already fixed: For Red Bull, only their own drivers can be considered.

So far there has been no decision about the Red Bull driver pairing. Who will be Max Verstappen’s new or old teammate is still unclear, but it seems certain that the driver will come from within. While Daniil Kvyat was not considered until now, now a door seems to open for him.

Helmut Marko and Pierre Gasly


According to motorsport consultant Dr Helmut Marko, Alex Albon, Pierre Gasly and Daniil Kvyat are being considered. Nico Hülkenberg, who will probably have to end his F1 career forever, and will not be included in the selection.

“No, we’re only considering our three drivers. That’s what we’ve always said. All these drivers have contracts with Red Bull which state that we can decide freely where they go,” says Marko.

But World Champion Jacques Villeneuve has a suspicion: he thinks that Albon will have a good chance. “At least he’ll get good results and good points,” Villeneuve comments on ‘Sky Italia’. A decision by Red Bull is likely to be made in the USA. The Grand Prix will take place this weekend in Austin.

When quizzed about the teams performance in Mexico, the Red Bull motorsport consultant was very critical saying it was “Madness,”

“If you have such a fast car and you get such a result. Max was several seconds faster per lap in the race compared to the top of the field. If you end up in this place with such a good car, then that’s pretty frustrating. ”

“The incident in the first turns was unfortunate. Hamilton comes out just a little too far and hits Max. He then flies into the grass, which is still wet, and therefore loses an enormous amount of time.”

Team mate battle up to Mexico 2019


When asked is Verstappen should have taken a less aggressive approach Marko agreed.

“Yes. Probably yes, especially considering the speed advantage we had.

“Bottas could have been a little more careful there. It looked like he didn’t see Max, but he does cut open our rear tire. Max’s action was actually pretty good, just not the result that we got from it.”

“Our car was also strong in Japan, but we just left it there in qualifying. Apart from Singapore and Russia, we had a great car. In Singapore, we messed up with the setup and in Russia the new fuel was not available. I expect that in the coming races we can participate again for the victory!”



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