Briatore: Hamilton and Leclerc would make a good team

Flavio Briatore believes that the combination of Lewis Hamilton and Charles Leclerc would be a good thing for Mercedes AMG F1 team.

The young Monegasque Charles Leclerc is only the second season in F1 and can already look back on spectacular races. Leclerc has already celebrated his first victories at Spa and Monza, to the delight of Ferrari. Flavio Briatore, too, is impressed by the Monegasque and believes that the 22-year-old would be the best choice to challenge reigning World Champion Lewis Hamilton.


“For me, Verstappen as well as Leclerc and Hamilton can be world champions,” says Briatore, “If Leclerc were with Mercedes instead of Bottas, they would almost be at eye level for me.”

The Italian also has very clear ideas about his dream team:

“For me, Hamilton and Verstappen or Hamilton and Leclerc at Mercedes would be the best team”

But at the moment Lewis Hamilton is 64 points ahead of his teammate Valtteri Bottas. Leclerc is in third place, the Monegasque lacks 53 points on the Finns. However, the F1 season is almost over, with four more races to come.

Meanwhile yesterday, ‘rent a quote’ ex driver Eddie Ervine says that ‘No argument’ that Leclerc is better than Verstappen.

“There is no argument, Leclerc is much, much better,” Irvine told Italy’s La Gazzetta dello Sport

“He has four poles this year [four since the summer break, six in total] and he does not even have the best car in F1… sorry Ferrari.”

“This as Verstappen continues to make many stupid mistakes despite having been in F1 for years, many more than Leclerc, while Charles looks to be very focused and someone who doesn’t make mistakes.” concludes Irvine.




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