FIA confesses: Lerclerc should have been more severely punished

Fortune in misfortune for Charles Leclerc: Although the Ferrari driver was subsequently punished at the Japanese Grand Prix, the Monegasque still got off lightly.

After his start collision with Max Verstappen, Charles Leclerc continued the race in Suzuka with a defective front wing. Although the team ordered him into the pits, the Monegasque passed the pit lane twice. Finally a part of the wing came loose and smashed the rearview mirror of Lewis Hamilton behind him.


Leclerc received a ten-second fine after the race for his offence. Now the FIA announced that the Ferrari driver should have been punished much harder.

The regulations provide for a ten-second stop-and-go penalty for such a case if the penalty is imposed during the race. If the penalty was not imposed during the race, Leclerc would have had to be bombed for 30 seconds instead of just 10 seconds after crossing the finish line.

Due to the ten-second penalty Leclerc slipped from sixth to seventh place in the final classification. If the Ferrari driver had received a 30-second penalty, he would only have finished 13th in the final standings.



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One response to “FIA confesses: Lerclerc should have been more severely punished

  1. Apparently you didn’t read the FIA statement very well. There is no fixed penalty for the ‘crime’ Leclerc committed.

    The FIA said that the penalty was fine, just that the referral to the penalty was incorrect. It should have read 38.3 instead of 38.3 (d). The actual penalty he got was 38.3 (b).

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