Hamilton reveals details about Formula 1 2021

The continued issue of F1: If one car drives close behind the other, the one behind loses so much downforce that it’s almost impossible to even think of overtaking.

Most of the time, the tyres are destroyed quickly, even before the driver has reached an attacking position. This could change for the 2021 season under the new Formula 1 regulations, or so believes Lewis Hamilton.


He recently attended a presentation of the Formula 1 executive management together with other drivers, with Chase Carey and Ross Brawn presenting some details of the planned rules revolution.

The Formula 1 makers had also shown various simulations of the new vehicles and how the so-called Dirty Air – air turbulence directly behind a vehicle – will behave in the future. Hamilton is convinced by the changes: “It all sounds great.” says the driver.

Although the Formula 1 cars will probably slow down “by about two to three seconds” per lap from 2021 onwards, says Hamilton, the new regulations promise more action because it will be much easier to follow.

“That’s why I give everything I have to be part of it. I really want to drive one of these new cars,” explains the five-time World Champion.

Hamilton had previously expressed critical responses of some Formula 1 concepts and verbally dismissed ideas like a reverse grid. Such measures are “an excuse for bad work,” Hamilton had explained. The meeting with Carey and Brawn on the fringes of the Russian Grand Prix in Sochi, however, apparently brought about a change of mood at least for him.

Hamilton expressly praises the fact that FIA and Liberty Media are actively approaching the Formula 1 drivers in order to inform them about the planned changes at an early stage and to enter into a dialogue. “After all, there are a lot of things that can be improved,” says Hamilton. “We [drivers] are working to build an even better relationship with the world federation, they are very open about it now.

Charles Leclerc also welcomes this dialogue and says: “It is important that we all work together towards the same goals. It’s also important that we drivers are involved. Because sometimes we feel things that don’t necessarily appear that way on the data”.

Bottas also sees the Formula 1 drivers as experts worth being involved. “We know a lot about driving and racing, we like to reveal our view of things,” he says. Everyone could benefit from a collaboration between Grand Prix drivers and race officials. “Because if the racing gets better, the fans will also be satisfied.



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  1. If I was in Hamilton’s shoes I’d be happy too. If the cars are going to be easier to follow, then it is going to make it even easier for him to win any future championships with his vastly superior PU.

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