Ferrari boss claims no regrets in spite of poor form

Dominant in four Grand Prix races, the Ferraris are still far behind in the title race, due to a more than modest start to the season. But Mattia Binotto has no regrets.

After a successful winter test, Ferrari was the big favourite for the 2019 season. But the Italian team was quickly overtaken with a reality check as Mercedes won 10 of the first 12 races of the year, the other two being won by Max Verstappen, giving Honda their first win in over a decade.


As a result, Ferrari had to wait until the 13th weekend of the season to take its first victory. And although the Scuderia has had three consecutive successes, two for Charles Leclerc and one for Sebastian Vettel, it is too late to catch up with Mercedes, who has 162 points in the manufacturers’ standings. Charles Leclerc, the highest ranked of the two Ferrari drivers, is already 107 points behind Lewis Hamilton. However, Mattia Binotto refuses to show any regrets.

“Feeding regrets doesn’t make any sense. Really, you have to move forward and look forward. If we have not performed as expected, if we have missed opportunities in one way or another, it is our responsibility.

“And it is more important, I think, to move forward, to learn from your mistakes, to make sure that they do not happen again in the future.

“At the beginning of the season, we tried to approach the races one after the other, optimising the result of each Grand Prix. And it is only at the end of the year that we will be able to define where we stand and take stock.

“It would be great to do better than last year, at least it would show that the team has made progress. I know we had a bad start to the season. If we can do more today – it could be difficult, but not impossible, and it should be our first goal – then let’s start dreaming, you wouldn’t say no! ” says Ferrari’s boss in comments reported by Nextgen-Auto, a French publication.

Unfortunately for the less biased F1 fans, the promise of Ferrari’s pace in winter testing turned out to be somewhat of a damp squib. The new front wing took Ferrari to a concept untested and not fully understood, imparting an inherent aero imbalance in the SF90. Predictions from technical pundits predicted it would take the best part of the season to better understand the new aero and it seems that perhaps they were correct.



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2 responses to “Ferrari boss claims no regrets in spite of poor form

  1. …..turned out to be a damp SQUIB (a type of firework, which should not be damp) – NOT a damp SQUID (because a squid should always be damp).

    Binotto should not have regrets as he said, but he should be very sorry and angry that, even with a rookie hot shoe who has put Mad Max in the shadows and with a 4xWDC, combined with the best engine and all the might and resources of the ‘rocking’ horse, they are still unable to stride away from Red Bull or consistently challenge the Silver Arrows.
    It’s not all down to the front wing or Charles’ lack of experience – it is largely attributable to Ferrari’s continuing inability to make the right tactical and strategic decisions in Maranello and on the pit wall.
    With no false modesty, I have often thought that I could do a better job that the Ferrari management in race changing decisions but I’m probably not the only one.
    If Ferrari could get their racing decisions correct (and avoid driver status politics) they would make a good fight of the last two years’ championships.

    • thanks for the comments 👍 a combo of english 2nd language writer, and gammerly plugin miss correcting it, exposed that particular phrase

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