Vettel will retire if regs don’t change?

It appears that the drivers will get more involved in terms of the Formula 1 regulations, in fact some drivers took part in a meeting in Paris, where FIA boss Jean Todt and Formula 1 sports boss Ross Brawn were told what they want from F1.

The demands made from the drivers during that meeting was the wish to race in highly agile cars, with which they can offer the fans a good show. Similar to the cars of ten years ago. Sebastian Vettel has also said that the 2021 regulations will be a major factor when he decides whether to retire. The Ferrari driver has hinted more than once this season that retirement could be on the cards sooner rather than later.


When asked about the new regulations for 2021 and whether he would continue on in F1, Vettel had more to say:

“Of course. Yes. I still need to look at in a way that I say the cars are exciting, the formula is exciting.” said Vettel at Silverstone.

“Time is ticking obviously…. It’s good we’ve been asked. We gave our opinion and we will give our opinion again.

“Hopefully we find the sport taking the right turns to grow, to allow us to race, to allow us to challenge ourselves and explore our skills.”

Vettel has been rather vocal about the way Formula 1 is in this modern era, particularly with regard to the rules after the Canadian GP in which he was denied victory in his tussle with Lewis Hamilton. But also Vettel appears now to lament the cars themselves, mentioning the type of car he first drove back in 2007 as a test driver for BMW Sauber.

Indeed, sources close to the driver say that the disaffected feelings for F1 go beyond driving for Ferrari, to the core of the sport itself, particularly after the 5 second penalty in Canada.

“The fact is – these cars are just way too heavy. And it shouldn’t be like that.” says Vettel, 

“When I entered Formula 1, the cars in every speed range were awesome. The races were real sprints. That was fabulous because you had to drive every lap like in qualifying. Today we have to budget far too much with our tyres”.

“I know that a certain amount of restraint will always be required. Formula 1, that’s not just steering skillfully and stepping on the gas, that’s also brains, that’s racing intelligence, that’s handling your possibilities skillfully. But in the end it should be about reaching the finish as fast as possible and that in the end the fastest man wins and not the pilot who drove the most material friendly”.



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