Leclerc: “He won’t stop”

Ferrari driver Charles Leclerc does not believe that his teammate Sebastian Vettel will soon end his career.

“I don’t see him stopping,” said 21-year-old Monegasque to Germany’s Sport Bild: “I can’t speak for him, but he seems more motivated than ever, he works very hard to get the best for the team and himself.


Even if he were to beat the four-time World Champion from Heppenheim, Leclerc believes that would not be “a reason to stop him”.

Vettel, who turned 32 on Wednesday, has been waiting for a Grand Prix victory since the end of August 2018. Recently, rumours of his premature career end had been heard again and again after Vettel had expressed his displeasure at the modern Formula 1 (“No longer the sport I fell in love with”).

World champion with Red Bull from 2010 to 2013, recently reacted increasingly annoyed to the rumours. His contract with Scuderia Ferrari, which last won the World Championship in 2008, runs until the end of 2020.




Vettel returning to Red Bull? Horner reaction

The “Silly Season” in Formula 1 is slowly picking up speed, and even though Max Verstappen is considered the king figure in transfer chess in 2019, Sebastian Vettel is also the subject of speculation.

Should he leave Ferrari early by the end of 2020 despite an existing contract (which is unlikely, but not impossible), sources in the paddock speculate that he would be most likely to return to Red Bull.

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Verstappen wins in Austria: still activates contract Red Bull exit clause

Like a curse for Vettel, for the first time this season Mercedes are not victorious, and then Ferrari screws up his race for him. Honda and Verstappen celebrate their first wins together with Red Bull Racing.

But two youngsters jumped into the breach and finally gave the fans a thrilling race again after the boredom of Paul Ricard. “That’s what you wanted,” says Hamilton, appreciative of the controversial manoeuvre, even though he struggled with the overheating problems of the Mercedes engine and the missed fifth victory in a row. The Brit has great respect for “Mad Max” Verstappen despite what ex-team mate Nico Rosberg said yesterday on the subject, declaring they “got this wrong”.

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