Pure entertainment: Vettel wants Red Bull


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Vettel still prefers Red Bull

Something that came out on the German broadcast for the Abu Dhabi post race drivers presser, a rather amusing admission of the Ferrari driver who used to race for the Red Bull Racing team.

Keep those doors open Sebastian, you may need them.


Vandoorne unimpressed with McLaren ‘politics’

“You have not seen everything that went on behind the scenes, all the politics,” he told La Derniere Heure.


“I cannot say everything, but you can imagine some of the things.

“Personally I have no regrets, I did my job as best as I could.

“What I missed the most in some moments was feeling confidence from the team.

“It’s not always easy to perform and give the best of yourself when you know that they are negotiating with other drivers at the same time, but I did not give up and I ended my season with some good races”



Wolff fears Bottas has been ‘damaged mentally’ by 2018 F1 season

“He was really good until Baku,” Wolff told Channel 4.


“I think he would have won the race there without the puncture and he would have been in the lead of the championship.

“After a long conservation I believe that when you have no shot anymore of the championship, and you know you need to give up, it kind of damages you mentally.

“I hope it’s not the case. He says not, he’s a strong Finn and a warrior but now over the winter we have to pick him up again and get him back to a good place.”


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