Accidentally leaked video announcing Kubica at Williams



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Earlier this week, TJ13 published an article on the very likely announcement of Robert Kubica to race for Williams in 2019, followed up with another yesterday as to the real reasons behind the decision by the team from Grove.


Last night, made a gaff and accidentally released one of their videos for social media announcing the deal, before the anticipated press conference today by Williams themselves.



Lewis Hamilton says he can still improve and sets sights on F1 2019


“I’ve not had time to really unwind and let off,” Hamilton admitted in Brazil, after Mercedes sealed their fifth consecutive constructors’ title.

“I think that’s something that will happen over Christmas, but then it doesn’t stop there. Where can you improve?

“I’m always thinking how can I improve as a driver? What can we improve as a team?”

Hamilton, meanwhile, gave a rousing speech when addressing Mercedes employees at the team’s Brackley celebrations last week.

“I’m going to try and think how the first half of our season could have been stronger,” he said.

“How do we make sure we start stronger, and then finish off as strong as we did?

“Please try and think how you can be better individually, and together with the guys you are working next to. Because that’s what I’m trying to think of; how I can deliver more for you next year.

“So, when they bring more power, and more energy, we bring even more.”


Williams to race with new livery in Abu Dhabi


“Change is scary – it’s ****** terrifying,” admits Ricciardo.

“I needed to listen to my heart, I needed to go it alone and make my own decision,” he writes in a piece for The Player’s Tribune of his decision to leave the Red Bull family for Renault.

“Change is scary – it’s ****** terrifying,” he admits. “And I know the next part of my journey won’t always be easy, but I had to take this step to try to be the best version of me. That’s all it was. It was the next step, the next leap, a new challenge.

“I’m going to Renault next year, and I’m going with an open mind and a full heart. Nobody has a crystal ball, or can predict the future or the results of my decision, but nonetheless a decision was made.

“But for now I want to end this year strong. It’s not going to be easy, mentally. I know that. Each lap I turn in the car will mean one lap closer to my last in a Red Bull race suit. And when I get out for the final time in Abu Dhabi, I think I’m going to have a right good cry. Maybe a few of ’em. Then winter will come, I’ll go meet my new Renault friends, and I’ll start anew.”

“At times, this season has been incredibly difficult,” he admits. “I’ve talked about rolling with the punches, but man, even I get sore after a while. I’m human.

“But I really want you all to hear this: I hope everyone understands that Red Bull is so much more than a brand. It’s a family, it’s a statement of what’s possible. If a team can do all this; win football leagues, build the fastest cars, sign the best gamers, run air races, what are we all capable of? Red Bull just does rad s***, and I have loved being a part of it.


Ricciardo using Instagram


“I feel incredibly privileged to have driven for Red Bull Racing and been part of the Red Bull family for 10 years. They gave me my break, and without Dr. Marko spotting me all those years ago, I don’t think I would have been able to make my way to F1, to my dream job.

“I will remember this team, these great people, this family, forever. And that thought, right there, is when I found clarity. I’ve done so much with Red Bull… I’ve become who I’ve always wanted to be, right by their side. And I know, I know, that I can leave having given them my everything and having received the same in return.”



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