Ocon plays perfect Mercedes driver role on Verstappen in Brazil

The Brazilian Grand Prix appeared to have been Verstappen’s win, the young Dutchman looked set to take victory in Sao Paulo over 5 time Champion Lewis Hamilton.

Sky Sports F1 analysis of the incident in Brazil


But during a critical point of the race when the Red Bull Racing driver was leading, back marker and Mercedes junior Esteban Ocon tried in vein to unlap himself and pass Max Verstappen.

The inevitable happened, with Verstappen showing his intention at turn 1 not to allow the Force India driver through, Ocon pressed ahead with his attempt to pass Verstappen into turn 2 and contact was made, resulting in Verstappen spinning off and thus losing the lead back to Mercede’s Lewis Hamilton.


Verstappen gave no quarter, and neither did Ocon. Verstappen perhaps should’ve given room to Ocon as it wasn’t a fight he needed to be involved with. Many would say that this proves that Verstappen is hot headed…arrogant…foolish. And perhaps this is true, but also Ocon is driving to save his career in F1, and with Mercedes.


Verstappen swears live on global TV


Let’s be honest, Hamilton wouldn’t have pressed Ocon hard there had the roles been reversed and Ocon was trying to pass Hamilton, given the space there instead of risking it. But would Ocon have pulled the same trick if it was Lewis? Unlikely.

Szafnauer, team boss of Force India refutes any Ocon Mercedes claims saying: “That’s a conspiracy theory and I doubt a racing driver is thinking about his drive for 2020 with what he does today. Absolutely not,” Szafnauer told Sky Sports F1. “Esteban came on the radio and said can I unlap myself because I am quicker and we said yes go ahead. That’s it.”

It is interesting fact that Force India wish to continue their Mercedes engine deal for 2019.

Red Bull’s Horner wades in…


So really the conclusion is, Mercedes driver Esteban Ocon pulled a move on a car that was beating the lead Mercedes car of Hamilton, pure and simple. A role similarly played by Toro Rosso back when Sebastian Vettel was winning an awful lot between 2010 and 2013.

Karma’s a bitch huh?

Despite the details of the incident, one does have to question Verstappen’s critical decision making capabilities at times like this. Not something that’ll win many World Drivers Championships.


Verstappen and Ocon called to stewards after the race

So it appears that Verstappen & Ocon have been called to the stewards. Alleged breach of Article 12.1.1.c) of the FIA International Sporting Code, “act prejudicial to the interests of any Competition or to the interests of motor sport generally”, physical contact with another competitor in FIA garage.


Speaking about the incident, and how the FIA had to intervene to prevent the fight escalating, Ocon told TV reporters: “What I am really surprised about is the behaviour of Max coming into the scales.

“The FIA having to stop him from being violent, pushing me and wanted me to punch me – and that is not professional.”

Asked by Sky if he planned to speak to Verstappen later, Ocon said: “I am used to the fights with Max. It has been the same. It goes back a few years, so no.”


“I was two laps behind Max,” Ocon said. “The first lap I was a lot faster and the second lap I was a lot faster.

“I had fresh tyres basically and the rules say you are allowed to unlap yourself if you are faster, and that is what I did on the second lap because I had massive pace.

“I went around the outside of him, the same move I did on Fernando [Alonso], the same move I did on many other drivers, coming from last on the first lap. But it didn’t happen the same way in the corner after that.”


Get the whole Brazilian GP story here



4 responses to “Ocon plays perfect Mercedes driver role on Verstappen in Brazil

  1. Ocon’s problem is that bottas does the sale by being the perfect buffer. No wonder Toto wants 3 cars per team.

  2. Great analysis, couldnt have put it better myself 😁
    The affiliated driver/B team has always seemed wrong to me….Bottas or Kimi as wingman is part of the game, it is a team game, deal with it…but beyond that its just denying us a straight fight between 2 drivers/teams.
    hopefully Max will learn a lesson from this (although I doubt Red Bull will help him there), Max is undeniably a phenomenal talent, he drove one hell of a race today up to that unfortunate incident….but talent alone wont win a drivers championships…..sometimes patience can be a virtue…..hopefully Honda can help the Bulls be competitive next year and we’ll see more Lewis vs Max battles….Lewis certainly seemed to be starting the mind games for next year early post race….you know he is allowed to unlap himself? Lewis the winner today!

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