Vettel: Not happy with Kimi or Ferrari


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Vettel unhappy with Raikkonen: “I’m racing three cars”

Vettel is unhappy with the way Kimi Raikkonen behaved himself during the Grand Prix, after the Finn firstly qualified in front of him and then didn’t let him pass during the Grand Prix itself at the start.

“When I had to evade him in the next chicane, Lewis could get past,” Vettel told Ziggo Sport.

“I had no space and made a spin and had severe damage.”

“I’m not particularly happy with the way Ferrari managed things on Saturday.

“It should’ve been me starting from pole position.

“For me, it’s clear: I have to race three cars, including my teammate.”

NOTE FROM THE ED: Austrian TV yesterday echo’d this story


Hankook looks set to replace Pirelli 2020 as Michelin pull out

Carnage on track: The year 2020 could see utter carnage on the race track. The challenge set by the FIA and FOM for the single tyre supply in Formula 1 for 2020 carries with it the potential of ruining F1 as we know it.

“We will check the applicants financial offer” says FOM’s Ross Brawn.



Special ‘image stabilisation’ technique reveals Hamilton / Vettel crash at Monza from a new angle


Has Ferrari truly overpowered Mercedes?

While a large number of reports claim Ferrari extracts more power than Mercedes from their Power Unit, reality proved things to be very different in Monza.

Should we assume reports suggesting Ferrari’s PU is stronger than Mercedes’ are wrong?

Not at all. As ever, wording is very important in F1, as teams do not wish to reveal any more information than is required when talking to the media. While Lewis Hamilton claimed multiple times Ferrari’s PU is more powerful, the wording of Toto Wolff is far more subtle. According to him, Ferrari’s PU is stronger.



Marko: If Honda fails, Red Bull will leave F1

“We are pleased with the great cooperation with Honda for the coming years, and if this cooperation, for whatever reason, does not work as expected, then Red Bull will leave Formula 1,” Marko told Speedweek.

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