Abiteboul: Promised Ricciardo no.1 status over Hulkenberg


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Renault’s Cyril Abiteboul freely admits that in order to lure Ricciardo away from Red Bull in the Australian article linked below – he had to promise no.1 status over Hulkenberg.

And frankly who wouldn’t when the German driver’s rookie like braking causes a colossal pileup at the start of the Belgian GP. Let’s not forget Romain Grosjean’s misjudgement in 2012 that cost him a race ban for Monza?

The real reason behind Daniel Ricciardo’s Renault move

Cyril Abiteboul said it was the chance to lead a manufacturer team that enabled him to lure the Australian away from rival Red Bull Racing.

Abiteboul said the honour of leading Renault’s charge in F1 was something “extremely exciting” to Ricciardo.

“It’s a new type of challenge because here he’s not just going to drive, to come here Friday morning, and then leave on Sunday night,” Abiteboul said. “It’s more than a three-day job. He’s going to be driving the charge for the next stint of Renault in Formula 1, just like Nico Hülkenberg has been from ninth (in the constructors’ championship, in 2016) to fourth, where we are today. The next stint will be in Daniel’s hands, and I think he realises that. It’s a big responsibility, but I think he sees that as an honour and exciting.”

“I don’t want to see any disappointment or frustration when he first drives for us,” Abiteboul said.

“So I think it’s our honesty that has paid off. It doesn’t always pay off in the world of Formula 1, which can sometimes be full of arrogance.”



Halo prevented ‘fatal injury’ in Belgian Grand Prix claims FIA’s race director

THE FIA’s race director Charlie Whiting said yesterday that Charles Leclerc would have required a “miracle” to avoid a potentially fatal injury if the ‘halo’ had not been on his car in Belgium.

“It doesn’t take much imagination to think that the tyre marks would have actually been on Charles’ head,” said Whiting. “It would have been a miracle if they weren’t, had the halo not been there.

“What is clear is the significant tyre marks on both the chassis and the halo. It looks like it has had a fairly hefty whack.”


TJ13 sourced this image showing the impact


TJ13 – Although from this angle, perhaps the wheel was actually further forward than initially seems?


Massa criticises Indycar


Enforcement Directorate attachments under PMLA: Diageo moves court to get control of UB shares

Apart from Diageo, the official liquidator (OL) of the High Court of Karnataka and Ritu Mallya, the step-mother of Mallya too has separately intervened in the case.



Renault’s Cyril Abiteboul: “Not a good way to return from the break”

“Today’s race was not a good way to return from the break,” said team principal Abiteboul. “We knew this weekend would be challenging with a scheduled Power Unit change and the resultant grid penalty for Nico, then we opted to do the same with Carlos after his struggles in qualifying and this meant we started the race from the back of the grid.

“From aggressive aero setups to tyre choices, we tried various measures to turnaround this very challenging situation that simply didn’t work.”

“Nico made a misjudgement at the start,” said Hülkenberg. “He’s not known for this type of error and I’m sure he’ll learn from it and move on.”

“Carlos made the most of challenging circumstances and finished narrowly outside of the points,” said Abiteboul. “Today’s result doesn’t reflect our actual place so we reset for Monza and remain focused on our development strategy.”



Verstappen full of hope regarding Honda: ‘They have advanced considerably’

“Looking at where they came from the last couple of years, they have advanced considerably.

“You very rarely see something get broken. The most important thing is that they want to take things to the limit. They have the means, which is very important if you want to take on the likes of Ferrari and Mercedes.

“All in all, Honda is a much more serious candidate. They have already been on the test rig and want a lot of gearboxes from us to prepare themselves for the coming year. They are enormously driven and want to do thousands of miles on the test rig.”


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