Vettel reveals relationship with Alonso & Indy500

The Liberty Media sponsored Internet only gems keep coming, with the ever eager Will Buxton happy to shove a microphone under the snout of anyone who dares to enter his range.

The internet revolution appears to be doing well in 2018, with online content in the increase. F1’s Youtube showing regular 3 minute snippets pre and post race.

Obviously, as a marketing exercise, hats off.

As an objective, independent journalistic model, well lets not go there. Perhaps Will will come back to the light, when was your last blog post William?

Regardless, we can always rely on the bubbly manner of the British F1 commentator, and after the TV debacle in the States that left the likeable F1 pundit in the wilderness, who can blame him…

I digress.

We do see some real gems and insight into the world of the F1 driver during Will’s interviews, streamed on F1’s various social media channels, and at the buildup to the German GP in Hockenheim, Sebastian Vettel’s in no exception.

A particularly interesting pose asked by Will, framed as a question from a fan via a social media network, was ‘would you do the Indy 500’. With obvious lead onto the one driver in F1 with the most associated connection with the American classic race.

The dialog is thus:

On the possibility of racing in Indy500:

WB: Did you talk to Fernando about it?

SV: Emmmm not really. Fernando and me, we don’t talk so much….

WB: hehehehe

SV: ……I don’t know why but…

WB: Is he the kid that sits on the other side of you own class?

SV: ….Yeah for but for no reason….


SV: …so I don’t know, I don’t know why…..

WB: A mental thing?

SV: Sorry?

WB: Do you think it’s a mental thing cause you……

SV: Nooo I don’t know, I don’t, I don’t know, I mean I have nothing…no problem with him, I don’t think he has a problem with me, but it’s just not clicking, you know what I mean? Erm, no I didn’t ask him actually, but I wouldn’t take it off the list now, but it would be a lie to say it’s on the list.

WB: Ok, ok, um……

It’s well worth watching the full 8 minute interview but that particular part is clearly an uncomfortable subject for Vettel, and for those F1 fans who have followed the sport longer than just a few seasons, well we all know why.

If Sebastian Vettel does indeed achieve the dream Drivers Championship with Ferrari this year, Alonso’s Triple Crown will merely be a pain killer for that, not a cure.

Vettel and Alonso were big rivals during 2010-2013, particularly 2010 and 2012 where they were both fighting for the championship.

It was fair to say that Sebastian Vettel had an advantage over Fernando Alonso back then, with Alonso’s Ferrari clearly inferior to the Newey designed Red Bulls during the aero dominated period of the sport.

Obviously Sebastian ended up winning both 2010 and 2012 titles for Red Bull, and those were the two seasons where Alonso took the fight to the end and within a whisker of winning it for Ferrari.

Brazil 2012 finale

At the time Alonso made snarky remarks along the lines of “When you’re fighting him you’re fighting Adrian Newey”, alluding to the fact that Vettel was only winning and beating him because of the car he had. Classic Fred huh?

F1 2012 Season

Alonso eventually got tired of Ferrari not being able to produce winning cars, coupled with a toxic political situation within the Ferrari team. The Spanish Samurai fell out of favour, and decided to leave for McLaren at the end of 2014.

Vettel signed for Ferrari after abandoning a failing Red Bull Renault, and replaced Alonso. Fast forward now, McLaren is nowhere to be found and Ferrari is fighting for championships.

F1 2010 Season

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