Anti-Mafia unit thwarts plan to steal Enzo Ferrari remains

In March 2017, a barely believable sting operation occurred in Italy – Special anti-Mafia Carabinieri arrested 34 suspects who were planning to raid the remains of Ferrari’s founder, Enzo.

The operation happened very fast, a coordinated attack happening simultaneously in the north of the country and in Orgosolo, Sardina, the large Italian Island to the west of the mainland.

Out of the 34 arrests, 14 are due in court with charges of blackmail against them. They are accused of planning the robbery of the remains of the great Enzo Ferrari. This was to extort the family of the carmaker and race team bosses.

The remains of the legendary founder, who died in August 1988 at the age of 90, lie in the crypt of the San Cataldo cemetery in Modena. The plan was to use heavy equipment to steal and hide the coffin of Enzo Ferrari. Then Piero Ferrari, the only surviving son of Enzo Ferrari, was to be blackmailed.

Piero Ferrari’s family were informed of the operation from the beginning – Anti-Mafia units followed and recorded conversations pertaining to the attempt in Modena, the planned scene of the job. The tip off came from a previously detained suspect the Police had in custody.

The 14 suspects are being tried in Nuoro, Sardinia. A request by the defense that Sardinia is the wrong place for the hearing, has today been rejected. The first hearing is scheduled for 8 June.

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