Alonso to race in Le Mans & the WEC in 2018

The worst kept secret has been confirmed yesterday, McLaren driver Fernando Alonso will be driving Le Mans this year.

Perhaps the more surprising part of the story is the inclusion of the WEC calendar, with the exception of Fuji which will clash with the US Grand Prix.

One might imagine however, if McLaren are still not performing and competing at the sharp end, Zak Brown will be employing the services of Lando Norris at the Circuit of the Americas.

The big goal for the Spaniard is to mimic Nico Hülkenberg’s remarkable debut victory of 2015 with the Porsche factory team. As Toyota will be the only works outfit and the only team to be using the full hybrid formula, a victory could be considered inevitable but for their historical bad luck at the blue ribband endurance event.

Perhaps Alonso’s infamous poor luck (or judgement), timing and race team selection in F1 be finally righted? Well known for picking the wrong team at the wrong time, ‘luck’ has blighted the two time Champion’s career in the sport some have argued. First McLaren and a surprising Hamilton in 2007, then a poor Renault team for 2008 onwards. Alonso’s Ferrari team were hot and cold contenders against Red Bull domination only to get their act together once he left for the disastrous McLaren Honda team we see today.

But could Alonso’s efforts be counter productive or even dangerous? The Formula One calendar is packed, and endurance racing is tough. Friend and former F1 and WEC driver Mark Webber believes it to ‘be a mistake’ and he might get hurt.

Comment below for your take on the situation.

12 responses to “Alonso to race in Le Mans & the WEC in 2018

  1. I think it’s a way for McLaren to get rid of Alonso from F1 – without looking like they are getting rid Alonso. In 2019 Alonso spends all his time in the WEC and IndyCar

    • i don’t think McLaren are overly happy about this, when this was being mentioned a while back didn’t Bouiller say that a full WEC schedule for Alonso would be too much?

      It looks more to me like Alonso a) loves racing and b) is keeping his options open.

      If McLaren -Renault look like they can compete (for a WDC) in 2019 Alonso would want to stay on , and if he’s delivering the goods in 2018 then McLaren will want to keep him. So options on all sides!

      • I disagree. I think McLaren know that the 2018 McLaren won’t be competitive and letting Alonso drive in the WEC allow them to put Norris into a few races, with the intent of him driving full-time in 2019 with Vandornne. Norris and Vandornne are McLaren’s future – not Alonso.

        • i would have agreed, if Alonso was slated to do Indy, it’d be a big flag.

          But like I said, I think its options on all sides, getting Norris into the car this year would be great for Macca, and again as I said, they’ll take Alonso for 19 if he’s showing he’s still worth it, so for them it puts pressure on Alonso, Stoff and Norris, which is only good for McLaren.

          I doubt they’ve closed the door on Alonso for 19, but if Stoff and Norris show they don;t need him, then why keep an expensive driver at the expensive of a cheaper one 🙂

    • The last races of the season will be hard to do. F1 in Brazil then 4 days later WEC in China then the next weekend F1 in Abu Dhabi. I wouldn’t be surprised to see Norris do Brazil as well as Austin. And possibly an outside chance Norris does Monreal as well as the start of the LeMans week conflicts with the Canadian GP.

  2. Given the current state of the sharp end of WEC an outright win at Le Man will be a pretty hollow victory. I’m sure any current driver would win an F1 race against a bunch of lesser formula.

    It’d be like winning three WDC’s when your team has outspent everyone else by 2 to 1.

  3. I really don’t see a problem at all. Schumacher drove around the track in Marenello day in day out. 8 ours a day. And now i’m reading that driving every weekend is to much for a driver……
    If he’s fit, it wouldn’t be a problem at al.

  4. Toyota bad luck plus Alonso always choosing the wrong team…. I will put my money on an LMP2 car taking the LeMans24h top spot.

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