Wolff: No nasty surprise retirement please Lewis

Mercedes Motorsport Director Toto Wolff convinced that unlike Nico Rosberg, the British driver won’t be springing any nasty surprises on the team.

Last year, the Mercedes had to spend the pre-Christmas period to find a replacement for the surprise retirement of 2016 champion Nico Rosberg. The German had dissolved his contract with the Silver Arrows two years before expiration and then prompty said adios to the GP circus.

The end result being that Wolff had to invest much time and more money than planned to lure Valtteri Bottas from Williams to Mercedes.

This winter, contract negotiations with Lewis Hamilton are on the table. The four-time world champion is only bound to Mercedes until the end of the 2018 season and of course Wolff wants to change that.

“For Lewis it is very important that he can make his decisions freely. That he keeps all options open takes some pressure off his shoulders in this regard. I am well aware that in one, two or three years he could do something completely different. But I also know that he will not say goodbye all of a sudden. That’s one of his strengths”

Ouch for Rosberg.

“The talks have come and we are on a good way. Let’s see when we can announce a result. “And Wolff makes it clear:” We have been working together for five years now and share the same goals: we want to get as many GP victories and titles as possible. And that welded us together. ”

Hamilton recently stated to the Italian media that “We are talking about the future. Mercedes took me under the wing when I was 13 years old. I can hardly imagine going anywhere else. We will definitely make a new contract. ”


News that should make the Hamfosi pleased.

2 responses to “Wolff: No nasty surprise retirement please Lewis

  1. I Am Far From Being Pleased.

    I Want Him Driving A Whole Season For The BIG REDS, Before He Retires.


  2. With no rule changes until 2021 and the far superior power of the Mercedes engine, why would he walk away from another guaranteed 3 world championships?

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