Kvyat finally dropped from F1

Red Bull’s Helmut Marko has confirmed the Russian ‘Red Bull Athlete’ Daniil Kvyat has been permanently replaced at Toro Rosso for the remainder of this season, effectively ending his F1 career.

Gasly and Hartley had already been confirmed for the GP in Mexico but according to Germany’s Auto Bild it seems ‘The Torpedo’ Kvyat won’t be driving again. That nickname was earned when driving with Danny Ricciardo at Red Bull Racing in 2016 after numerous dives and resultant crashes whilst attempting to pass the car ahead. The most notable recipient of a ‘Torpedo from the rear’ being Ferrari’s Sebastian Vettel. He was promptly dropped to Toro Rosso and replaced with Max Verstappen.

“Kvyat will not return again,” Marko told Germany’s Auto Bild.

“We do not believe he can make the turnaround in the long term.”

Marko also confirmed that the Hartley Gasly pairing would remain in place for the final three races of 2017.

“Gasly and Hartley will finish the season,” he said. “Then we’ll see what happens.”

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  1. Always rooting for the underdog, I am/was always following Kyvat. Somehow he could manage pressure from Ricciardo better than Sainz’. I wish I could yell out in indignation about this demotion, but Red Bull is Red Bull, and they already cut him some slack.

    Marko’s “We do not believe he can make the turnaround in the long term”: I don’t like it, but I also think they hit the nail on the head.

  2. The bigger picture is how thin Red Bul’s junior program is when Hartley had to be brought in. Don’t get me wrong – I think Hartley has potential but had Red Bull had another young driver available in F2 they would have gone with him and not Hartley.

    • the racer in me agrees with you – the program is flaunting it’s flaws – but the kiwi in me says hells yes, get amongst it fella – will be interesting to see how hartley develops in the next 3 races

    • That depends on the Torro Rosso plan for next year. I think that they will field an experienced driver next to Gasly to help develop the engine, if the Honda is good enough it will go to Red Bull in 2019 and the experienced goes with it to become test driver. Torro Rosso will then give the second seat to a Honda protege.
      I don’t know whether there is more behind the Hartley move. Does Porsche wants to have a driver who has a couple of races experience?

  3. Kvyat has essentially been a “Dead Man Walking” for the past year and a half. Was totally outclassed by Carlos Sainz Jr. this season so no reason to keep him on. Unfortunate he never recovered from being dropped by Red Bull but that’s life in F1. Interesting to see whether Hartley will remain at Torro Rosso next season or someone else steps in.

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