Can Schumacher be like Verstappen?

Schumacher had always emphasised that his first season in Formula 3 was a learning year and 2017 seems to have been just that.

Finishing the season 12th overall but 3rd in the Rookie table behind the winner of both Championships Lando Norris, who drives for the dominant team Carlin.

Mick’s Italian team Prema aren’t the force in F3 they used to be since restrictions to aerodynamic development came into force but this hasn’t stopped him planning to drive for the outfit for 2018.

“I went into my first Formula 3 season with the goal of learning as much as possible. This has been fulfilled this year, so I’m quite satisfied” says the son of Michael Schumacher.

“At the moment, we are planning to stay in Formula 3, most likely, at Prema. Everything else would not make sense in the present situation”

The long-term goal is and remains the formula 1. Comparisons with Max Verstappen or Lance Stroll, who have already made the leap into the top class early, but this isn’t how Schumacher wants to play it preferring to make the move when he has matured.

“For sure, my goal is still the Formula 1. I focus on myself and do not look at the other drivers. Everyone has their own development, so you cannot compare. I take one step after another and try to prepare as best I can for the future. ”

“If I realise I’m ready, the step will happen. That’s why I have to deliver now, there is no alternative plan – Formula One is my goal, which I am striving for. I will not be let go of it. ”

Questions over the maturity of drivers who have made the leap so early such as Verstappen and Stroll have been asked before and for those who have followed F1 for many years see Mick’s route far more sensible and traditional. Only time will tell if we see another ‘Schumi’ driving in Formula One at the sharp end, or if we’ll see another son fall well short of the mark of their father.

7 responses to “Can Schumacher be like Verstappen?

  1. “Fall well short” depends on how you define their fathers career.

    Alberto Ascari was a greater driver than his father but would Damon Hill rank higher than his?
    Jacques Villeneuve won the title but would anyone suggest he was greater than his 6 GP winning dad?
    Max V has already trounced anything Jos ever produced but it seems highly unlikely Mick will supersede the 7 titles and 91 wins that his father produced.

  2. He wasn’t much 1st year in F4, but came in 2nd place in the championship his 2nd year. This was his 1st year in F3 and the Judge is correct, this seems to be his planned training method.

    F3 is livestreamed for free so next year should be interesting for all Schumacher fans. Good report, TJ13.

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