Daniel Ricciardo: “Max Verstappen offered marijuana”

Daniel Ricciardo is always know to crack a joke or two during an interview and one particular occasion in the paddock at Spa he was not going to disappoint.

Shortly after the Hungarian GP, Ricciardo’s team mate Max Verstappen collided with the Red Bull driver on the opening lap. The Australian laughs: “Max has done well again – on marijuana.”

Desperately trying to make up a dicey start, the Dutch driver slid into his team mate taking him out of the race straight away with a burst radiator.

Daniel Ricciardo went on to claim Max was a ‘bad loser’, and said that no one could win a race in the second corner.

It seems now that the Baku winner Ricciardo regained his usual mood. In the paddock at the Circuit de Spa-Francorchamps, he asks how he managed to cool off? “He offered me marijuana! ( Starts to laugh) No, seriously, he offered me a beer. This is what you do in Holland. (Even more laughter.)”

“It would be better to take a few deep breaths and let some time pass before you face the microphones ideally! ”

“On the other hand, it’s good when the fans see emotions from the drivers. Everyone has a bit of racer inside them and can understand the anger after such a situation. Maybe I was loaded because as I didn’t make the most of my opportunities on Saturday. ”

“I talked to Max in private. Sure, he could not give me any of my points back. (Starts to laugh.) I would have been quite open to accept prize money as a compensation! No, just kidding. I felt his apology was honest, that was enough for me. ”

Verstappen was also involved in a three-way collision with Raikkonen and Vettel at the first corner of last year’s Belgian GP, after making a bad start from the front row of the grid.

“I think it will get ironed out,” said Ricciardo.

“In a way it’s probably similar to last year here [Belgium]. Obviously he had a front row [grid position], didn’t get the best jump and it’s like ‘alright, I’ll try and make it up straightaway’ and OK, there was a gap on the inside, but it was always going to kind of bottleneck.

“It’s not the first time he’s done that, but is it a weakness? I don’t know if it’s a weakness, I just think it will get ironed out over time.

“It’s probably just youth at the moment. I’m not trying to school him or anything, [but] it wasn’t the first time he’d done a first-lap move like that.”

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