Ricciardo “I was really under pressure”

During the second part of the Canadian Grand Prix, Daniel Ricciardo was put under pressure by the two Force India’s behind him in search of a first podium.

Fortunately for him, Sergio ‘The Dick” Perez decided not to be a team player and allow his quicker team mate Ocon through to challenge despite the team issuing a ‘request’ explaining that if Ocon couldn’t pass, he’d give back the place. Instead, the two Force India team mates slowed each other down racing one another.

Testament to the new formula for 2017, the Australian Ricciardo looked visibly exhausted post race thus proving that these cars really are hard work over a race distance.

” I put pressure on myself not to make any mistakes. It was weird because if I lost concentration and then they could catch up with me. I was really careful in the last area because I knew it would be very complicated if they had the DRS. ”

” I was happy to see the last lap because I knew that Vettel had passed Pérez and that he was on a charge. The checkered flag was particularly beautiful! ”

This was the third consecutive podium for the Red Bull driver and moves him comfortably to fifth place in the championship.

TJ13 full race report can be read here.


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