Alonso leaves the circuit for Tennis after Honda failure

A raft of updates have appeared in the paddock, it’s all change for the teams who begin their European start to the season in Spain this weekend.

It’s all change but not for the Spanish Samurai, Fernando Alonso. These updates are the ones that the teams will hope get them further up the grid but nobody mentioned that to McLaren Honda. Alonso hadn’t even completed a lap when his Honda Power unit gave up the ghost and belched out smoke in FP1. The power unit had been used in Australia and China and it appears a faulty line was to blame releasing engine fluids all over the rear of the car.

It seems the rather angry Spaniard decided to go back to his hotel soon after his car failed to make it around the track. His manager confessing that “he hopes he’ll come back”.

Realistically, he will of course return, but publicly leaving the circuit is a clear signal to all with a particularly nice touch by posting on Instgram playing a spot of tennis.

8 responses to “Alonso leaves the circuit for Tennis after Honda failure

  1. Is there any good reason for Fernando to be doing more than just going thru the motions?

  2. This may well be the last F1 race you see Alonso in a McLaren. If he has an engine failure in the race on Sunday and there’s no improvement in Monaco for VanDoorne or Button I bet Alonso walks, and Button finishes the season in his place.

  3. Honda…..’the power of dreams’….this must be the snoozings of Massa,revenge for a ‘ Fenando is faster than you’ incident?

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