Kubica comeback – signed to Ferrari before forced retirement

The Polish Grand Prix winner still has eyes for Formula One declaring “That Chapter isn’t finished”.

Whilst the F1 circus is off doing it’s thing in Asia, the former F1 driver and race winner is quietly pounding out laps for the World Endurance Championship Team Kolles in their top category LMP1 car.

The LMP1 car is essentially a large Formula car with a closed cockpit. Very high levels of downforce, powerful engines providing a lap time not far off that of an F1 car, albeit run for 6 or 24 hours continuously.

The serious rally accident of 2011 changed everything: Robert Kubica was considered the coming star of Formula 1, a preliminary contract with Fernando Alonso at Ferrari had already been signed for the season. The Rally crash in Italy nearly severed his hand and caused severe damage leaving him unable to race in the tight confines of an F1 cockpit.

Now he is back – as a Team Kolles driver in the WEC championship and has run tests in Monza, followed by the first season in Silverstone when Formula 1 has moved from China to Bahrain.

Robert has been close to Fernando Alonso, indeed the Spanish Samurai was instrumental in enticing the Pole over to Ferrari in 2011.

“Alonso is a big driver, one of the very few pilots who can shine in a mediocre car.” says the former F1 man,

“He is doing things with a racing car, which I do not see from any other driver. It is truly incomprehensible how the situation at Honda has happened, but the truth is – neither McLaren nor Honda are currently happy.”

Kubica likes the new Formula 1 format: “The drivers feel like real hot shots again. I think it’s good that Ferrari can win again, which is important for the sport. I think we are facing a good season. But we still need a few races to understand the picture.”

The 2008 BMW GP winner (with BMW-Sauber) admitted to the media during the Monza tests: “It was not easy for me after the accident. My commitment to rallying has not developed as I had hoped. I had consciously created distance to the circuit racing scene because it reminded me too much of what I had. But this is now behind me, now I am looking forward to working in the WEC.”

When asked about an F1 return, the Pole is keen to make a return.

“The chapter is not yet finished. In any case, a comeback is possible rather than two years ago. Perhaps my patience will one day be rewarded.”


8 responses to “Kubica comeback – signed to Ferrari before forced retirement

  1. would be fantastic to see such a talented driver return, will have fingers crossed for him in WEC.

    With Pascals’ post season crash it again shows why teams try to wrap their starts in cotton wool, a return to the old days of drivers hoping in and out of categories will never happen.

      • Sorry Craig, i fear the time for cameo drives has passed. As we have seen,time and again..Lower classes or even different categories tend to harm the F1 drivers. RB is a perfect example..Drive a rally car off season and finish a very promising career..Mansell had a huge shunt in BTCC courtesy of Tiff. Alonso forced to hold fire at 24hr . It’s a real pity but money has ruined these moments. Hulk was probably the last

    • It’s just a pity he is driving for a joke team, i just hope that this monster of a car doesn’t come back and bite him.

  2. Personally feel this chap had the makings of a great. Freakish speed, unfazed by fancied team mates, cold as ice in racy situations. Genuine nice guy with it.
    Easily eastern Europe’s greatest driver.

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